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cr2025 3v Customers Reviews

  • Exactly what I needed

    posted by sdmacleod

    Cheap!Easy to use, easy to installLow-profileSolid battery connection
    I needed these to build a SATA cable tester. Worked beautifully. I flush-mounted it, tied it down, and used jumper wire for a 90-degree angle. No big deal.
    Seems to be the cheapest and sturdiest option for building small electronic projects with easy-to-find CR2032 or CR2025 coin-cells.
  • My experience

    posted by DjChoping

    - English / Inglés:
    It is the size you have to have this button battery, come in a strip as shown in the image which makes, in addition to a nice presentation to the product, the batteries are not lost. Durability is like any other batteries of this type, I have not found many differences compared to other brands. The material of construction is not the best but is good.
    - Español / Spanish:
    Es del tamaño que tiene que tener ésta batería botón, vienen en una tira como se muestra en la imagen la cual hace, además de dar una linda presentación al producto, que las pilas no se pierdan. La durabilidad es como la de cualquier otra batería de éste tipo, no le he encontrado muchas diferencias comparadas con otras marcas. El material de construción no es de lo mejor pero es bueno.
    - English / Inglés:
    For the material of construction of the product appears to be prone to oxidation. Clarify this point of view for those who need this type of batteries in products with much outdoor use, as could be, for example, bicycle lights.
    - Español / Spanish:
    Por el material de construcción del producto parece ser propenso a la oxidación. Aclaro éste punto de vista para quienes necesiten de este tipo de baterías en productos que tengan mucho uso al aire libre, como podría ser, por ejemplo, luces de bicicleta.
    - English / Inglés:
    Good, durable, economical, what else intended?? Buy it, do not hesitate.
    - Español / Spanish:
    Buena, durable, económica, qué más pretende??? Comprela, no lo dude.
  • Works as advertised

    posted by fantom_circuit

    Nothing wrong with these at all. Tested all of them with a multi-meter and they all had the right capacity. Very cheap. Good to have on hand, especially for all those credit-card remotes that are popular these days.
    Incredibly cheap compared to buying them locally as well.
    Great little batteries, comes in a pack of 5 so even if you use one or two you have a few left over. Cardboard packaging looks store-bought. Very very cheap compared to buying them locally. They seemed to have held their charge well.
  • Cheap and Good

    posted by shuoyanz

    Good value for these batteries. In London supermarkets they sell one battery for the same price!Used it in my clock, still functioning after many many months. The rest of the batteries that have not been used are still intact (have not leaked or look funny in any way).
    None at all. Everything is good.
    Overall, great product for a great price! I will definately buy this product again when I need it, but 5 batteries will last you a really really long time!
  • Seams legit

    posted by Lombas

    I tried to but a famous brand to avoid counterfeit. I think I succeeded. The panasonic brand seams to be legit.
    I bought it to use in a digital table clock that I bought in deal extreme that uses this kind of battery. This battery is a little thinner than the standard CR 2032
    I think it is worth the buy. The other brands I found in deal extreme were not famous

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