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Check out the great cr2016 button battery to see if there is any that suits you. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.

cr2016 button battery Customers Reviews

  • Excellent 5-pack of batteries

    posted by thierrius

    - cheap, way cheaper than here in the Netherlands- well-packaged. No plastic coming off or other shortcomings in packaging. There's even a cut in the cardboard for easy retrieval of every battery. A perfect blister ;)- ribbed topside, I think this makes contact better (I'm no pro, though).
    Other thoughts? This product is ready for use, no need for extra thinking, just use it!
    When in the past I used to be sceptical about getting dependables like batteries from China, this 5-pack of batteries proves me wrong once more. A very good product!

    posted by MATENAUER

    The best price, the best battery market. Lasts long, long time. GP Alkaline original.It can be used in a multitude of electronic devices. And lasts more than a year and in some watches lasts 2 years. I use to watch and LED candles.
    The price is quite low when you compare the quality of the product with others from different brands. The price is right and the product is good. I recommend.
    The price is quite low when you compare the quality of the product with others from different brands.
  • Cheap, good envelope.

    posted by dfreijeiro

    Very cheap. A lot of pieces for that price. Great envelope. I can´t get more for less price.
    You get a lot of batteries for 1/10 of the price. The quality of the envelope is good. I don´t know the durability of these batteries yet. I´ve bought other gadgets here at DX, but this time the delivery took arround 2 months. My advice: buy it before you need it, here at DX.com.
    If you use several cells a year, buy it and you will not have headache in a long time.
  • Buy them-very good!!

    posted by Pyrpolizer

    Nicely and conveniently packed. Made in Japan. These are LITHIUM batteries same type as major Brands. (Be careful from Alkaline batteries because these 2016 sometimes come in Alkaline too, having less than half the overall capacity, out of which not even half is useful).Tested each one upon receipt I got 1x3.27V, 1x3.28V,2x3.29V and 1x3.30V. So ALL of them were fresh
    As I like to be Technical and precise I tested one. Major Brands claim their 2016 batteries to be 90mAh. Of course this refers to totally fresh, stored in ideal conditions, and discharged on very light load ranging from 10-30 KOhms, which means you have to wait, for 12-36 days to get results. Moreover factory claims are usually over inflated.Soooo....I loaded the battery with 6KOhms, which is actually a heavy load for this size :-)and gave me a good 50 mAh Capacity.Add about 5-10 to that for the heavy load, this battery's capacity should around 55 mAh.VERY GOOD!!
    Excellent LITHIUM Batteries, very close to the Capacity of major Brands, you get 5 for the price of one, do buy them.Bravo DX!!
  • Can't find better than this for the price!

    posted by samuelcaux

    Price.Effectiveness.Well packed.
    Thanks DX for this great product. Product is better than expected for the price paid. I will you DX in the future, but only if i'm not in a hurry to receive it.
    You can't find a product like this for cheaper price in usual electronic store. Dx is the plac to buy itI used those battery in my car remote starter and it worked just fine for now.I can't wait to see how long they will last, but I have spare ones with this 5-pack.


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