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  • Cheap and Small!

    posted by warlord

    -Handy built in plug makes it very portable and easy to travel with. -Small size makes it very portable. -Well constructed, was hard to open...

    -Cheap enough to give away with rechargables and flashlights :D
    In order to make this compatable with protected cells I took apart the unit and filed a small notch out of the plastic on (+) contact side. I also sanded down the (+)contacts a bit. This allowed the cells to be easily insertd and to be removed by tilting them out (+) side first. I also had to epoxy the contacts in place so that they wouldn't be pushed out of place when inserting protected cells.
    Very good price and portable. Does a good job charging my protected batteries but if you don't feel like modding it maybe you should spend a little more on a more flexible charger.
  • Super Small!

    posted by Glowjob

    Very small and compact. A simple design that is easy to use and easy on the eyes. Has an indicator light to say when the battery is charging or is done. The plug folds into the bottom of the body for clean storage. No messy wires
    I got this to supplement some x1 rcr123 lights I bought here to give away as gifts. It's cheap and perfect for those single battery use items. Now I don't have to feel bad about charging/replacments when I give out rcr123 based gifts.
    Great for gifts or if you don't want a charger to take up a lot of space.
  • Cheap, small and easy to use clicky. Strong light but has got dark rings .

    posted by jstek

    Small, light and handy. 3-mode clicky, so it is quicker to get to your desired mode. Plenty of light for daily usage and hiking.
    Although the charger didn't work for me, still worth buying.
    Good value for money.
  • Charges my Soshine 3.0V batteries fine!

    posted by thefezman

    Very simple to use, doesn't overcharge the batteries. I've used a couple Soshine 3.0V batteries in it and some of my flashlights for months with no ill effects on either the flashlights or the batteries.
    It's simple, put the battery in, and it charges it!
    Would be nice to be able to switch to 3.6V charging, but I don't expect it at that price!
    If you have a flashlight that uses one 3.0V battery only, this is a great option for rechargables!
  • Good general purpose Li-ion charger.

    posted by David18

    I like the fact that this uses a low current to charge the cells and therefore does not overheat them and reduce their life. Smart enough not to attempt to charge a fully charged cell. Charges common cylndrical Li-ion battery types.
    I like the fact that this charger supports multiple AC voltages and can be used for international travelling (with the right plug adapter). It also works off 12V DC but I have not used it in that mode.
    I would definitely recommend this charger to others.

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