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cr123a 3.0v Customers Reviews

  • great batteries for the price

    posted by doctorjre

    These batteries came with an initial charge of 3.2volts DC. That is good for a 3.0V nominal Lithium battery. How long they will last and their shelf life we will have to see.They even come shrink wrapped so they are protected from shorting each other out.
    If you are not in a hurry, these batteries seem to be a great deal. These are close to $10 each here in north america for name brand.
  • Charges my Soshine 3.0V batteries fine!

    posted by thefezman

    Very simple to use, doesn't overcharge the batteries. I've used a couple Soshine 3.0V batteries in it and some of my flashlights for months with no ill effects on either the flashlights or the batteries.
    It's simple, put the battery in, and it charges it!
    Would be nice to be able to switch to 3.6V charging, but I don't expect it at that price!
    If you have a flashlight that uses one 3.0V battery only, this is a great option for rechargables!
  • Great batteries

    posted by tansons

    Great batteries for devices that need the 3V batteries. 3.6V are often too powerful for most devices.They also charge really quick.
    Use the specified chager
    Great batteries to replace single use 3V CR123 batteries.
  • Nothing bad to say

    posted by fraseyboy

    - Incredibly cheap for two batteries, one of the cheapest on DX.- Comes in a nifty plastic snaplock case which is useful if you buy a whole bunch of them.- Feels and smells good.
    500 characters for a battery review? Little bit unreasonable, probably why there are so few reviews.
    Very impressed at what I got for the price. Works flawlessly with my torch and hilariously cheap.
  • great buy!

    posted by jayhawker08

    great inexpensive batteries (cost almost $10 apiece in the US)good voltages
    if you need cr123, get these. you won't find a better buy anywhere.

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