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  • Small Sun - well deserved

    posted by cadocado

    Incredible amount of light. This will win the 'who's got the biggest' competition for a while. If your eyes are used to normal daylight, and you shine this baby into a darkened corner, you don't need to adjust - it is as bright as sunlight.I am fairly certain it is waterproof.
    It is so airtight that the zoom is sucked backwards because of air pressure. No kidding. It stays in place when I unscrew a cap, but with everything screwed on, the air pressure pushes the zoom back where it came from. This thing is airtight.
    I like. This is the ultimate flashlight for the time being.
  • Ultrafire C-8

    posted by gasbag11

    Very nice looking. Good build quality. Two O-rings on head and one on tailcap.Glass lens. Fit and finish are very good. No blemishes anywhere. 5 modes. Reverse clicky. It's an excellent "thrower," and should be good for long distance. It still has good useable "spill" light so you can also see things up close. 240 lumens is probably close to the actual output. It's pretty bright.
    I see no good reason for next mode memory in a flashlight. I would have rated it higher if it didn't have this type of memory.
    If you want a really nice looking light, that's anexcellent "thrower" and don't mind this type of memory, than for this price, it's a good deal.
  • Lots of "light pr.$"

    posted by Bighope

    A fantastic flashlight for people like me (who love flashlights).. Living in Norway with lots of dark nights/evenings, you need too own some flashlights, but this is now my favorite small size,great light flashlight.
    Bright and nice light, in compact flashlight.
    If you feel the standard 200lm flashlights sold everywhere is a bit weak, and need a handy, small, easy to bring along flashlight; this is the right one. and compared to other 200lmsold in Norway, the price is the same!!!Don't think to much, just buy!
  • I like it

    posted by alfalfa

    Price for sure. I like two mode aswell. Don't need more than this, more modes just get annoying for me.
    I've been doing a bit of reading about the pros and cons of direct drive and I think with a single 18650 this is a very viable option and this is a good torch to do it to. You still get two modes thanks to the resistor in the end cap. I did need a 0.47 ohm resistor to limit current to 1amp on a full battery. Also I put heatsink compound on the thread to the reflector to help keep the emitter as cool as possible. The regulator limited current to 0.6amps which is what I've now got after 90mins running. After this the regulator is no longer regulating and adding more voltage drop than what the resistor would anyway. Useful run time on high is about 3hrs. Current drops down smoothly to about 350mA over this time. Current drops to near nothing soon after this.
    Price is cheap and the machining and construction is very good. I like the two modes and works well as a direct drive. I'm giving this one away but I've already ordered another one as I like it so much.
  • Nice charger !

    posted by Toasters

    Very nice charger, you can charge up to 18650 and the little CR123A, it is it very versatile! What i liked the most with this charger is the light. Red light when it charge, and when it is finished it will change to red! Simple and perfect!
    The unit is very well made, it is not cheap. I didn't measure how much time it take to charge, but anyway, i charge my battery at night when i'm sleeping :)
    Don't buy any other charger because if someday you need one for 18650 or CR123A you won't have it, this unit does it all!


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