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  • Very good CPU cooler for the price

    posted by loke1

    Very good CPU cooler for the price. The heatsink comes with two fans that have a great capacity for pushing hot air through the heatsink. They are quiet as well, and are mounted on the heatsink with rubber grommets to prevent undue vibrations. I have a i7 3770k that I use to run, among other things, BF4 and [email protected] When the CPU usage is at 100% the temperature never reaches more than 60 celcius. Installation was easy and the thermal paste that came with this cooler kit was more than plenty so if you botch the job the first time you can try again several times.
    Before you install this you need contact cleaner, wiping alcohol or other substances that clean the cpu heat sink without leaving a residue, along with a lint free cloth, lens clean paper or other.
    Good CPU cooler, easy to install, effective cooling capacity. Mine got a bit damaged during shipping due to rough handling but it still works fine. I would give this a top rating if that didnt occur, but since mine is slightly damaged i give it 4/5 in quality (due to lack of protection in the box) but otherwise its 5/5. If you need a small cooler but this one.
  • nice!

    posted by wolkigzbv

    Ready and easy to use. Nice big price about quality/quantity. Functionality ok. very quite. good to be supply of a spare part. It has a perfect anchorage of the cooler base. There was no need to force it or made a strong force to put it on. the cable connector has a very acceptable standard length.
    no manual for novices
    i have a another cooler with this kind of fan: when it be broken i buy another one like this to be a perfect spare part of it
  • Worth it!

    posted by JpATF

    -Looks nice inside the case.-Very big.-Full Cooper look (I don't know if it really are).-Silent because of the rubber holding the fan.-3 Heatpipes.-Comes with a lot os acessories for Intel and AMD-Comes with a good quality thermal grease with 25% silver!
    the blades have 3 different sizes and a texture giving it a nice visual.
    I guess this is the best cost \ benefit cpu cooler here in dx.
  • good

    posted by juanespin

    This is a good cooler, is composed of good materias. Before this cooler installation, my PC in normal mode (Phenon II X4 955 .32Ghz), with the outside temperature during day about 30ºC/86ºF, my processor temperature was about 52ºC/125ºF, but other problem are AMD Box cooler is very noisy . After installation this cooler, the processor temperature are 37-42ºC/98-107ºF. This cooler is very silent (i dont listen it!).
    The silver thermal compound included in the kit is good, but comes too little, the evil to spread across processor.
    This is a cheap and reliable cooler, i am very satisfied. It is very easy to install

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