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cpl filter 62mm

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cpl filter 62mm Customers Reviews

  • Great value

    posted by Janneoj

    Very accurate metal frame and glass filter. Just similar product that one in pictures. I dont see difference in optical quality when comparing to my Hoya's CPL filter (58mm). Visual inspection shows that glass of filter is uniform without differences in shade. Filter ring turns smoothly.
    Great value for filter which costs less than 10$.
  • Nice complete set

    posted by evgerven

    This set is a basic need for every photographer.It comes is a nice protective pouchthe threat is fine quality. easy to mount on the lens (and to unmount also!)The Polarising Filter turns easily and stays good in position while making the pictureGood price for quality
    Since the UV filter is always on my lens now, the variable ND filter I also bought from DX fits in the empty sleeve of the pouch also.
    So far I cannot find optical defects. Filters are nice and clear end well finished.One more happy customer :)
  • Perfect

    posted by MrBassie

    This CPL filter is of the type "ultra-thin", which means the distance between the first lens element and the CPL filter is smaller, resulting in less reflections and image quality loss. I did some sharpness tests and there is no real noticeable loss in sharpness. Furthermore, the overall image quality is good, the rotating of the ring is smooth, but not loose.
    For the occasional photographer it is a must-have addition!! Really, if you do scenery photography or are shooting pictures involving water, sky or vegetation, this filter improves the image contrast and vibrance drastically. Good filter for its price.
  • OK for the price, but not a great product.

    posted by ivan001

    It is a polarizer. It does cut reflections and makes the sky looks more blue. It has a very decent build quality.
    62mm filters from massa come in a big filter round box (i also have a UV filter). Much bigger than they should be. I would prefer if they were the same size as the filter so they wouldn't take so much space in my bag.
    Pretty decent for the price. On the streets a filter like this costs at least 10 times the price of this one.

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