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cover white Customers Reviews

  • Very useful, and Practical

    posted by bacana00

    Very useful, battery lasts a long time, It works as a cover for the Ipad screen when transporting......I recomend the product. It's good and has a fair price.
    Makes life a lot easier when typing is needed. Should come with a cable with both ends to charge the ipad and the keyboard. You can find the answer to that easily on the internet....
    I recomend the product. It's good and has a fair price.
  • Very good buy

    posted by sreetk

    Quite reasonable priced, decent quality for the price. Fits perfectly on my bike. Being, water resistant, very usefull for my kind of area climate, where it rains for almost 4 months on a trot. This is very light weight.
    Arm yourself with one or two clips, so that this does'nt takeoff form your bike.
    Recommended for bikers. Do compare your bike size and the cover size, before you venture out to order one.
  • Sleeves

    posted by andrehmps

    It´s really cool. When you dress it, you won´t feel it´s getting hot under it. You will feel your arm very cool. It is very nice to use. I recomend it!!!
    I Think it would be nice to wear in the right arm while you are driving, maybe both arms get the same color beacause of the sun. I have never tryed it under the sun. I need to see if it´s nice too.
    Nice thing to buy!
  • Protect your DSLR

    posted by stnzx

    Was looking for a protective rain solution for filming timelapses and came across this Camera Rainproof Cover Protector for DSLR - Black + Transparent White.It fits perfectly, feels like quality and i use it a lot.Doesn't cost much and it protects your expensive camera as it should.It shuts tightly and camera is still operable
    Camera Rainproof Cover Protector for DSLR - Black + Transparent White could be totally transparant, so you could operate the camera without going into the cover for quick pics
    An affordable and proper solution for protecting your expensive DSLR.It works perfectly in medium rain showers, i would recommend the Camera Rainproof Cover Protector for DSLR - Black + Transparent White
  • good value

    posted by adymitruk

    does what it's supposed to. Ease to screw on the adapter, then snap on the cap.
    excellent way of getting white balance right. Just point up at the light source where your subject is and take your white balance reading with the cap still on
    I'm replacing all of my caps with these. What a time saver to use your OOC jpegs. And skip post processing for a lot of your photos. You will have to make sure to remember to redo the reading when you change location as the white balance will change with ambient light reflecting off of different colours, textures, etc

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