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couple keychains Customers Reviews

  • Cute couples key accessory, just a little shoddy

    posted by LagniManiac

    Cute - nice little faces.It's nice to see something you can hang from your keys thats no a chain.It's a couples keychain that's not soppy or sickly sweet.Build feels nice and solid - no parts of them look like they would fall off even after tumbling around in a pocket full of keys for years and years.
    The king looks a little stunned, and the queen nice and happy - I wonder what they have been up to. Does the different different shapes on the hoooks mean anything? I knew a woman once that had a nice face, and was wide around the hips - she thought SHE was a queen too.
    It's a couple's key hook set that's definitely worth the price, if not then some.
  • neat little things

    posted by tonyc6400

    these are supposed to be key rings - but they make really nice pendants when you take the axe off the chain part! - They are fairly weighty and not at all flimsy feeling - they are nice really ! -
    These can make nice little presents or stocking fillers -
    if you like them then buy some - the price is all right and remember you are buying a peair of them for the money - so Christmas is coming and the postage is really cheap on DealExtreme !!! -
  • Very cute keychains

    posted by exxtreme

    The metal is high quality. Extremely resistant and rigid!!!
    These keychain are big. The ring is larger than most of the keychains. In the picture it seems smaller.
    My girlfriend loved these keychains!!! I carry one of them and her the other.
    I use the girl's keychain with my girlfriend picture, and her the boy's keychain with my picture.
    It is a beautiful gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend.
  • Lovely gift

    posted by ColorHouse

    - Very cheap but cute gift- Good quality metal surface (In my opinion it is not made from stainless steel, it is just painted metal)- Strong, and big key ring- Painted eyes and hair- Perfect size (not too big)
    - The price is very low, and totally worth it.- It is good surprise for your girlfriend.- I think for this price you should buy it.
  • Fun keychain

    posted by Phoenixfire

    Cute design, useful keychain. Gave this to a friend of mine who owns a two-person bicycle with her boyfriend. She was thrilled about it, and had never seen such a keychain before. She uses it for the bicycle's keys now
    I don't really understand why the cyclers are holding flags. Would be nice if you could properly connect them so they'd stay connected.
    Just a cute little thingy. Useful as a gift to enthusiastic cyclers.


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