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  • Wrapping wire.

    posted by EraYaN

    There is lot of wire on the coil, 250m!!! It is also considerably strong for the thickness is has.It could be used as signal cable in other cables. I tried that and it worked quite well as long as the voltages and current stay within boundaries.
    The wire could be used in electronic project, but I would not recommend it. It is certainly not usable as jumper wire, it is far to thin.
    Don't buy it if you want to use it as a conductor unless you know for certain that you want a AWG30 wire.
  • Solder like solder

    posted by appatit

    High-quality solder. A sufficient number of pretty intense work for an electronics. Decent value with flux. Solder is much cheaper than what is sold in local stores. Average adheres to that need. In general I am satisfied and I will continue to buy the solder on the DX.
    Solder that is necessary.
    High-quality solder. It is used by those who know what it's for. Size allows soldering of small parts in a complex with a thin blade.
  • They do the job

    posted by Lisa1

    Good electrical isolation.Many wires in the bag, probably about 1000.You can make good connections with these.Perfect for prototyping.Good length for many applications.Very flexible.
    These are useful when just trying stuff out, making small connections. Just messing around, and prototyping some stuff. But when it comes down to important practical application, you could probably do better. They would probably melt under any substantial load.
    If you want to make some small connections, then just get these wires.
  • great solder low price

    posted by rikels

    it's nice thin solder, for soldering smaller components which don't need a lot of solder.a lot of solder for a low price.
    it's good solder, but not to take with you, unless you modify the roll so the solder doesn't easily come off the roll.i'm just a beginner and i disagree with the rest of the comments, because it seems to stick to the components quite good... but i'm just a beginner...
  • Decent for one time use

    posted by neo1erk4

    Cheap and work. They come in a bundle wrapped in a rubber band. Useful for short connections and wont leave a lot of excess wire to get in your way
    I can sometimes straighten them out enough to reuse them but it gets to be a pain so I end up grabbing a new one.
    Their cheap enough that I am happy with being able to use them once or twice.

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