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  • Superior Handheld A4 Scanner

    posted by Gosh1

    It's very usefull gadjet.
    Easy to operate with it. The package contains battery pack so you need only storage card and it's good to go. Supports up to 32 GB micro SD card. High quality color scan size is 2.5 MB. With one pair 2000 mAh battery you can do up to 250 color scans.
    It give you posibility to do a quick scan of luxory and valuable books or magazines without torn them apart.
    The scan resollution is good enough to work with OCR software and to save some interesting materials in e-format.
    I'm glad to have this usefull gadjet.
  • Easy to use portable scanner

    posted by thomaskarlsson

    * Very easy to use* You can use it without connecting it to a computer* It´s possible to scan to JPEG image or PDF document* Small and light weight, easy to bring with you* Small protective bag is enclosed
    * You´re supposed to be able to set the time for the scanned files but I didn't mange to figure out how. There is a lot of strange series of numbers on the display when you press the "time" button...* A white paper supposedly used for white balance calibration was enclosed but the buttons needed to perform this calibration isn't available on this unit.
    It wont get any easier than this! Very easy to use. Very portable. Scan quality is OK. Price is OK i guess.
  • Awesome Device

    posted by switchdoctor

    This review is posted the first day DX offered this item, but I already own one. (Sorry DX you were late on this one.) - Anyway this thing is supertiny and scans GREAT images. It runs from standard batteries (thank you for that!) and DOES NOT REQUIRE a computer! IT scans directly onto MicroSD as a JPG image of 150 or 300dpi (setting), it is EASY to use even though you must "swipe it" across the page to scan in a steady fashion. (comes naturally). Just push the button and hold for 2 seconds to turn on, tap it again to start scanning, sweep the scanner across the page, and tap switch to end scanning.
    Can always smuggle this into the library! Or use to scan the test (haha), but can also be used to scan really long documents (even on a wall) - The scans are seriously wonderful, and this is the perfect travel companion for anyone, so easy a caveman can do it.
    Great Item, if you scan anything flat, get it...

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