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These cool copper zippo are high quality and at affordable prices. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.

copper zippo Customers Reviews

  • Two words: a zippo!

    posted by haggishaglund

    Feels and looks legit. Easy to use. Comes with the traditional storage case and instructions on how to refill. Great quality.
    All you need to do is to go and get some Zippo fluid, fill it up and you're good to go.
    Absolutely beautiful Zippo lighter. Costs half of what you'd have to pay in store around here. Keep your eyes on it, or you'll never see it again. I'm no smoker myself (just a gizmo's geek) but the ladies sure appreciates it when you've got a flame ready before they know it.
  • I doubt its genuine, but i like it anyway

    posted by MixMix

    - I like the color, its just a nice relaxing red solid matte color.- The zippo print on the cap looks good- You get exacly what you see on the pictures, though it might be from another date than the pictures, mine was made in July 08.- It works- It looks genuine at first impression
    to DX.. You should definitely get more of these solid matte colors in stock. And Genuine "as this one". I know you can get the exact same lighter but in Orange, White (cashmere), Saphire, Lime-green, Green, Pink and Purple.. Those would be nice aswell.. Especially the orange and white one :)
    This lighter looks great.. If you like a plain solid matte color and like zippo's this i really worth to buy.. If you like what you see, then get it.
  • Genuine or not-REALLY GOOD QUALITY

    posted by Tendo8002

    - really nice surface (i love it's purple gloss)- very good price (in my country it's way more expensive)- seems to be genuine, has all the genuine markings,made of quality materials- lifetime guarantee
    I wrote "seems to be genuine", because i can't really say whether it's genuine or not. There are things which made me pause. 1. the slightly loose shutter. i can move it when it's closed. the shutter of my other zippo isn't movable when closed.2. the engraving of the oil tank: the engraving of my definitely genuine zippo is of a better quality. the copyright logo of my DX zippo is almost a dot and not a "R"but i think the flint stone is real, so it's not one of those fake ones on DX
    So overall i would say it's genuine, it's definitely worth buying it.
  • Couldn't Be Better

    posted by Kepes

    This lighter is great. Everything works just as you would expect a zippo product to work. And yes, it is a genuine zippo product. Sounds great when it's opened and closed, turns head. Lights every time without too much hassle. The color is really great it looks sleek and modern. The price of this lighter is great as the same here sells for about 3x as much here in New Zealand
    Just so everyone knows, it does not come with the lighter fluid but you can pick it up from just about any general store. The spark wheel is a little hard to turn in the beginning but once the flint has been worn down a little it all works a charm. Get one! One more note, this thing really is windproof. I was lighting it in 30km/h winds after a few strikes.
    At this price you may as well get yourself one.
  • Very nice Zippo

    posted by peyo007

    I bought it more than a month ago and it's still working very good, my friend love it.I offered it to a friend as a gift and he's very happy.Price Rating:4: Because we can always get cheaperEase-of-use Rating:5: Come on, it's a zippo! But... You can lose your hand using it (see 4 rooms movie when the zippo don't work.. lol ^^) Build Quality Rating:5: Look like a real oneUsefulness Rating:5: A lighter is always usefulOverall Rating:5 because there's no 4,5/5 ratting
    Buy it if you like it ;-)

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