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  • Really awesome lighter

    posted by BeAnBeAn

    -Really good lighter-Cool design-M1 garand dude on the design-Design pattern is lifted-Has a shiny golden look.-Uses a wick and flint wheel thingie.
    This is a really cool lighter for like a WWII veteran who doesnt have a lot of money because this is cheap and cool. It's flame would be good to light his pipe or something. The lighter is mainly durable and can withstand dropping and normal wear and tear.
  • A great cigarette case

    posted by luisqj

    Look elegant. In my country always packs tienern images of rotting lungs, very sick people and stuff. None of that if we take this cigarette. Very nice for gifts.
    Look very elegant. A women love. DX I won money because the products are good and I am reseller. My clients love this cigarette case.
    If you have difficult times money, buy and sell in your country. Buy a gift, not a big expense and friends will love.
  • Cool gadget

    posted by NiTr0

    Nice looking lighter, works perfectly, also has red flame - other lighters have green, or uncoloured flame. Also I don't saw anything like this in our local stores.
    It'll be goot if it will have copper case - or if it'll be of uncoloured steel
    Perfect thing. I like it.
  • Useful zippo-style lighter

    posted by Meelisv

    Small( for small hands people)CheapAlmost same "click" as zippoThe inner content fits perfectly with the case, so it is easy to remove contents when you want to fill it with more fuel.Easy to change the flint which "makes" the sparkles
    Easily fits even in small pockets. I would have bought bigger one if there were any available, because i do have big hands and it is kinda annoying to light it
    If you do have big hands, then its not recommended for you, because it will be hard to light the lighter. 5 out of 10 times it will go out on windy day(zippo however can hold even huge storm). Although the windscreen is almost identical to the real zippo lighter.
  • Can't beat it for the price

    posted by yodamedic

    nice lighter for the price. If you're a collector of things with skulls this is a must have. Solid built with a nice click as you open and close the lid. I have to say this is better quality than the normal products from deal extreme. well built
    must have, great for going out on an upscale casual night. The skull is a little weird and people give it a second look. i found in the short time i have had it people take a second look at you with it. It's not one where the smile and say that's kewl.
    Worth having even if it is a buck over priced and will make your aquaitances and friends take a second look at you.

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