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cooling fan speed controller

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cooling fan speed controller Customers Reviews

  • Worth it

    posted by eisenhauerjason

    Solid construction. The aluminum, even after being under a laptop, and even turned off always feel cool. It disperses the heat with ease.
    I know from past work experience and personal (our last laptop's hard drive died) that if you don't keep your laptop OFF YOUR LAP and keep air flowing underneath it you will eventually fry your drive. It's a small investment to keep your system running smooth.
    Worth the price given the quality aluminum even if one of the fans wasn't working. Even with one my temp stays stable.
  • Tool convert PWM signal to control voltage fans

    posted by Munro

    Easy install.Convert PWM signal to voltage control for fans. In my controler received, knob yes control slightly rpm.Its small.
    Can need to connect fans three pins to connector four pins PWM signal in motherboard, and can control fans with Bios motherboard or with third party software, Speed fan for exemple.
    Required to connect fans not PWM to connector four pine motherboard.
  • Perfection is bright

    posted by armini0

    - Very easy to use- LED lights- Does slow down fans even further than 7Volt- Black- Easy to install
    I wish the fan LEDs could be turned off, they are a bit bright. There are 6 in total, 5 for each fan and one that turns red when the fan controller is on.
    This fan controller is a really nice piece of equipment and for this price nothing can beat it. It has the power to control 5 fans from 5V all the way up to 12V. I use it instead of a resistor to use the fans on 7V. All my fans are currently on 5Volts and are running fine!Bottomline: This is a musthave if you need a cheap fan controller, way better then the rest
  • Very good

    posted by FredericoRamos

    Cheap, come with connectors and dissipate the heat very well.Barato, vem com os conectores e dissipa bem o calor.
    Very nice speed controller for fans, I use it to control a 120x120mm fan.Muito bom, uso em um cooler 120x120mm.
    Very nice speed controller for fans, I use it to control a 120x120mm fan. I used to use a regular 10K ohm trimpot to vary the speed but it burned ... :). Need to dissipate a little heat.
  • Really useful and worth it

    posted by wolverin0

    Easy to install
    Very Light
    Provides more speed and light than motherboard fan power slots
    Plug & Play, only 1 normal PSU power plug to get 4 fans running at max
    Totally recommended, many high end cases have 6+ fan slots, and PSU or MB don't have many of those small power plugs that this little dark thing have.
    Useful, small, great blue led lights in 4 fan controller wich makes my case look even better.

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