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  • Small and portable notebook fan cooler

    posted by hrjBR

    There are a one huge fan. It is not noisy.It pulls heat away from the notebook out of your notebook and cooler some degrees and make notebook's fan run slower. The USB 4-port hub works fine.The folding feet allow adjust for small netbook or large notebooks.--Há um grande único ventilador.Puxa o ar quente debaixo do notebook e esfria alguns poucos graus.
    It not pulls much heat.
    It is useful but not cooler much (maybe 3 a 5°C).
  • Nice

    posted by moskito

    It is closed in the back, so it is really useful if you want to use the laptop over a pillow or bed. Your laptop will be 1 inch, or 1,5cm, over the bed with it, so there will be room for the laptop fan works correctly.
    Nice color and design.
    If you laptop have heating issues it is not for you. Since, the fan speed is too slow. Only for avoid overheating when over the bed or pillow.
    Simple build quality, but nothing that you don't expect in this king of item.
    It fits perfectly under my 15" laptop.
  • Very good

    posted by danielsebben

    It is very useful for cooling down your laptop. It is small and can be easyli carried together with the laptop. Using two 5V fans, I guess is the best "wind" you can get.
    Not very useful during very hot days (what is obvious)In a very short time, I figure myself building a 12V power source to "turbo" the fans.
    Very useful. I stoped my old notebook from turning-off because of overheat.
  • Completely silent 200mm BIG fan

    posted by fran82

    This cooling pad has a HUGE 200x200x20mm fan, veeeeeeery silent, almost impossible to hear. In fact I can not lisen it when it is working except if I approach my ear to about 5 cm from it.The "no obstruction" desing for the botton part means that no metal or plastic parts will obstruct the air flow to the fan, thus giving more air flow and less noise.It has 4 rubber feets, the frontal ones are less tall than the back ones, meaning that when you put your laptop on it, it will be "rised" with some "degrees" (I mean, the laptop will not get "flat"). This desing allows better typing with the laptop keyboard.It produces 72cfm at 650rpm and only produces 19db of noise drawing 1.5Watts of power.
    It draws 300mA from a USB 5v supply.It includes user manual.The big central fan desing is perfect for laptops that have the air intakes in the center area. Not very good for laptops that have the air intake/s located in the corners.My laptop is the one that has the air intake in the corners, so I have not noticed a significant drop in the temperatures. It is cooler now, but not much.The fan is 200x200x20mm.The pad size is 323x300x22mm.It produces 72cfm at 650rpm and only produces 19db of noise drawing 1.5Watts of power.It weights 500 grams.
    Insane 200mm fan that produces almost no noise at all when it is working. It will make best results on laptops that have the air intake in the middle.Recommended product
  • Ok

    posted by rsfanet

    This item was, as always in dealextreme, very cheap. The quality is not bad, and it does what it's supposed to do.
    I recommend this product to all buyers, it's cheap and does it's job perfectly.
    Buy this item and you won't regret it. It's cheaper than most other similar products you can find and, even though the shipping might take a while, it's worth every penny.


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