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cool white flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Very bright !

    posted by ShadowLight

    Wow this is BRIIIIIIIGHT ! I tried to power one LED at around 500mA with a constant current source driver, thinking I could stand looking at the beam... I WAS WRONG :)It's brigther than the amber one I was playing with until now.
    Well if 500mA is bright I wonder what it would look like when using a 3000mA current source!Light beam is cold white with a little greenish tint on wide angles, but nothing bad.
    Bright, cheap... I can't tell if this is a genuine CREE led but this buddies are awesome!
  • Great thing of beauty.

    posted by varme

    The thing is a beauty, the feel is premium and its build quality looks like it could smash a wall and be just fine. The handle and weight are in great balance as well, the ability to make the Flashlight stand on its tail makes it like a lamp, works wonderfully in this mode.
    I am not a Flashlight enthusiast so i won't be able to give expert advice or technically heavy review was massive amounts of data points. This was in fact my first premium Flashlight and so far i am satisfied, lets see ho things go in the future.
    Pros outweigh the cons by far, great product.
  • Brightest flashlamp ever?

    posted by utyctoiutpiuty9

    BRIGHT!!!Bright, bright.A really masculine flashlight.Metal chassi of good quality.
    Bought it just to get the brightest flashlamp I ever seen.Spreads the light quite much. But it is a lot left for the main beam.Every time I use it, car stops of curiosity and people stears. You will be noticed!
    I like it. I would buy it again. But I don't really know when to use it. Maybe for animal safari in the woods.
  • Great light. Best bang for the buck.

    posted by Rodger

    1->Very bright. 2->2 cell light with the lenght of a long 1 cell light.3->Awesome mode system, very useful and pratical. 4->Battery holder with positive and negative indications ( had a problem with a Fandyfire L1 I sold ), so it is a good sale, if that is your case.
    I just wish I had bought more of them ( got two so far ). Maybe in different colors too.
    For 33 USD, I cannot think of a better buy here in DX.And I have bought a few so far:Fandyfire L1, Fandyfire UV-S5, Spiderfire P7, Trustfire X8, SST-50, XMl-t6 Zoom I cant remember the model, some P4 x2000, some other lights I cant remember for the moment.For Brasil, your UV-S5 might go through Army evaluation, so it is a lot of hassle. Mine still hasn`t arrived.
  • Feels cheap. Performs great

    posted by power911

    Light came as expected according to the description of the product page.Wonderful light with extremely good throw for its size without sacrificing spill3 mode (High-Mid-Slow Strobe)Detachable pocket clip that held onto light very well and does not rip pocketsGITD tailcap (very dim glow) is just enough for blackout situationsThere's also GITD o-ring in front that glows every single time you switch off the lightSupports both AA and 14500AA alone is bright enough for daily use14500 is for extra power boostWater resistant
    This light could be a professional product if reflector was made aluminum and lens were in some glass but for its price I think it's okayFor a small light this is a better thrower than the Sipik SK68 but not as sturdy feeling as it
    A good light I would recommend if you're choosing in between SK68 and this.Nothing beats a pocket thrower like this with 3 modes

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