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cool hats Customers Reviews

  • Nice hat

    posted by JenTri

    It fits perfect on my head (just the perfect size); It's woven, so it looks pretty cool and is perfect for the summer; it's very well made (very strong); it does what it's supposed to do: keep my head protected from the sun
    Looks pretty vintage, but still modern (because the woven structure), so perfect fore a young person who want's to look vintage
  • interesting purchase

    posted by borusic1

    rather unusual purchase. interesting look. color is good, bright. by weight, does not differ from the usual. material form is not spoiled
    how much will last - question. need a lot of light
    until satisfied. size-fits. visor does not look great
  • Love it, getting a second

    posted by ndftz

    looks great, works well with my complexion.
    breathes well and goes with most outfits.
    it doesn't feel like it will last forever but it will definitely get you through a season ;-)
    that you are even reading this means you should get it.
    it's cheap and stylish.
  • one more to my collection

    posted by huguinin

    is the third I buy. I'm very happy with the price and quality. also collect this type of hats. very functional for the summer and combined with other accessories and clothing, elegant. Product quality is excellent. I have just found this page. in my city products with similar characteristics are much more expensive so it's difficult to acquire. I have thought about buying more than other colors. of truth is what I like best about buying dx. totally recommended.
    available a good range of colors, I think if I like to dress well in addition to protection, have to buy them all.

    posted by citius

    This is a funny little gadget that really works!When its really sunny the fan spins really fast!This item has a really good educational value for small children. When they have this item on their caps a sunny day they start to ask questions about how it is possible that the fan only spins when the sun is shining and not spinning when the sun is covered by clouds :-)
    This item is perfect for different DIY projects. I bulk-ordered this item to get the bulk-rate discount.I took the devises apart and made different tests.With several solar-panels its possible to test how serial-connected versus pararel-connected solar panels affect the fans rotational speed. Also possible to charge different types of batteries after some DIY modding.
    As i said before this item is :GOOD FOR LEARNING, EDUCATION AND DIY! :-)This is a good buy if you looking for cheap solar-panels and low-powered electrical motors for solar-panel DIY projects.I really recomment this item!!!!!

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