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  • Nice beam work bicycle!

    posted by Infratuna

    I was about to cancel this order, because I wanted "official" bike light with good beam. However DX shipped my order before I managed to cancel it :) I got the lamp today and BOOM, what a beam. It is perfectly square and sharp. Due to sharpness it does not blind others at all which I am really happy! Construction seems solid and zooming works at least now perfectly.
    Fits hardly to Universal Bicycle Mount 8274.Lamp does not weight so much, good or bad?
    Good buy. I dont know about the durability, time will show. This type beam is really good for bicycles.
  • Great flash light for the money!

    posted by thesupercroc

    Super bright adjustable lens systemhi med lo mode are awesome! ok strobeThe finish is very good
    the sos mode is kind of junk but you never know when you might need it lol ;)I am glad i did not but it for the holster :}
    Great value for the price. great gift for any one.this is one of the best flashlight i have bought in a long time.Most likely i will buy more soon!
  • Nice uniform large flood

    posted by extradeal

    Possibly one of the brightest zooming light of this size/price range.
    I have X2000 I've modified with R2, which is 10 to 20% brighter than normal one with P4.
    And this one shines the area of twice the diameter compared to X2000 - R2, as bright or even slightly brighter than X2000 - R2.
    When it's zoomed to max, it shines about 20% larger area (the width/height of the square die image), as bright or slightly less bright compared to X2000 - R2.
    Compared to ordinary X2000 (with P4), it's brighter in flood and zoom.
    The build quality seems to be good enough, other than the rattling head issue I'll mention, later.
    With 3 x AAA, it's a bit less bright, but still pretty good.
    I like this light a lot because of the nice and large uniform flood beam.
    It's very useful in searching something we lost, and so on.
    If you like zooming light, you would probably like this.
    Now it's confirmed to come with 3 x AAA adapter (like what I got).
    So, we can use it with both 18650 and 3 x AAA, and it's always good to have alternatives!
    Also, I may recommend this version that comes with the charger if you like to have annoying 5 modes and you like orange tail switch better than green one. :)
    Other possible alternatives to this light:
    2 x 18650
    Another 2 x 18650
    Accept 18650, 3 x AAA, and big fat 26650!
    Rotating zooming mechanism and slightly more compact.
    This one accept both 18650 and 3 x AAA, too.
    Sipik SK68 style and possibly the smallest (and better heatsinking) and cheapest (because it comes with 18650 battery) but with 5 annoying modes. (Not compatible with 3 x AAA, most probably)
    I'll probably order this one, as I like Sipik SK68, very much.
    Same as above, with the charger. A nice model for a gift to someone who doesn't have 18650 battery/charger.
    Similar to Sipik. Trustfire version. Nice color, and the mode memory. Slightly more expensive.
    It comes with strap, rather than clip.
    More expensive, and I don't like the design.
    Similar to above, and the most expensive. But it comes with lots of things like battery/charger and parts.
    Ugly Ultrafire model. 1 or 2 18650. It's a bit like C78. 3 modes.
    Cheapest? Rotating zooming mechanism. I like the design and the color.
    2 x 123A / 1 x 18650.
  • Cheap and useful

    posted by B4Ctom1

    Convex lens allows a tight square beam that can be cast at great distances or adjusted to a great local flood beam. Regulator and emitter are mounted in a block of metal which offer decent heatsinking considering the limited packaging.
    I didn't know if I should list it as a pro or a con, but the focus is slip collar type, not threaded or cammed. It uses an o-ring for resistance. You would turn it on and then set it to the focut you need with only one hand.
    All in all, this light is worth more than the sum of this review. A good and useful bargain. I will suggest others buy it for the price alone.
  • W878

    posted by henkjankempers

    -Good brightness, although it doesn't seem to be 700Lumen-It's perfect that AAA and 18650 batteries can be used. For the AAA there is a holder included.
    -On site the brand is TOPPas. The delivered light's brand is UltraFire. Model looks exactly the same but it's strange.-Quick delivery from DX
    A good and usefull light


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