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convex lens led flashlight

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convex lens led flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Good build,good look and usefull.Bright enought.

    posted by anev13

    Very good flashlight. With the perfect size. Ideal for use outdoors for a walk in the park with the dog. Very powerful light beam that cleavage darkness. Lasts a long time . White light.
    It was the cheapest flashlight with bright LED XM-L T I am very pleased with the purchase.
    I bought several flashlights until I bought this. I'm pleased. It is very good for the price. Small and very bright light. The lens is made ??of plastic, but it is not a problem. Zoom is not the best. I have another flashlight that Duracell 120 lumens. This is more clearly, but not a double.
  • Very good

    posted by dyn620

    Very good build quality. High quality plastic lens. Adjustable focus. It gives a lot of light comparing to other small size flashlights. It has a very good and solid clip. I have measured the current. My multimeter shows 1,2A with the new battery. It can continuously work for about a hour on standard SONY Ni-Mh 2000mAh battery. After a 30-40 minutes light intensity goes down slowly. After 1 hour it is still working, but light intensity is enough only for finding the keys or spare battery in a cabinet or something like that.
    Highly recommended if you want good quality, ~120 lumen, small size and AA standard batteries.
  • Cree light

    posted by junker00

    Well built - when you hold it it feels the quality
    Great light - 3 steps of light (strong, weak, strobo)
    Very easy to use it, you don't need a manual or smth like that
    I hope the paint it will last, from what i've seen that's quality too, but i suppose the paint last on how you use it.
    Great flash light, lot's of uses, i've puted it on my bike and i feel like driving a car with that light :d
  • Nice Torch, But Could Be Better

    posted by kiwijake

    Unusual half-turn zoom control at rear of torch (but see below).Pull-out "lantern" feature at front.Three modes.Tail stands.Looks great.
    Current consumption with a new AA alkaline battery is 1.4A on high and 0.4A on low.
    This isn't a bad torch, it looks great and the zoom control is really innovative, but I would definitely choose the Romisen RC-29 (SKU:50679) over this one - its zoom range is much better, its beam is much more even, build quality is better, and it draws a bit less current to boot.
  • A Handy Little Flashlight

    posted by cboulding

    The Flash light has a Very Sturdy feel with a solid metal casing. The focus ring is a decent quality and produces and nice clean beam when fully focused. The battery adapter it comes with enables me to use 3 standard AAA type batteries which are easily available.
    Its a very nice size for a handheld, not to small to handle but also not to cumbersome. The multiple functions are available but I have yet to find a use for them.
    Overall I am happy with this flash light its perfect for use at work as well as walking around the dark fields where I live.

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