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convex led Customers Reviews

  • Excellent thing!

    posted by Babarin

    This flashlight is very small-sized. It uses 3 AAA battery with adapter (in stock) and this is very good. I can buy AAA battery anywhere in country, and 18650 are hard to find. Besides 18650-3xAAA adapter you'll get hand strap and head mount, both are very usefull. Actually, when my mom saw this flashlight, she just took it away from me, so this extra are lying somewhere. But they were good!Overall build quality is high, for every shipped item. Hand and head mounts are soft and have good grip, AAA adapter perfectly fits batteries and flash, flashlight itself is made of high quality plastic/glass material.
    BTW, there is no ANY modes except ON and OFF. Mind it, please. It's not a con for me (never was), but you can think otherwise
    If you need a bright LED flaslight, based on 3 AAA batteries with head mount - just buy this one
  • Nice Torch, But Could Be Better

    posted by kiwijake

    Unusual half-turn zoom control at rear of torch (but see below).Pull-out "lantern" feature at front.Three modes.Tail stands.Looks great.
    Current consumption with a new AA alkaline battery is 1.4A on high and 0.4A on low.
    This isn't a bad torch, it looks great and the zoom control is really innovative, but I would definitely choose the Romisen RC-29 (SKU:50679) over this one - its zoom range is much better, its beam is much more even, build quality is better, and it draws a bit less current to boot.
  • The best allround flashlight

    posted by scidiver

    very broad flood angle (zoom 1x) to extreme concentrated thrower (zoom 8x), decent runtimes (5+h Med [email protected], 0.75h Max [email protected]), very bright even when zoomed out, beam is always very even and uniform with no dark rings, mule mode possible (180° flooder), Fenix LD20 accessories fit perfectly (pocket clip, diffuser tip, etc) in mule mode, with a pocket clip can be used a headlamp(!!), incredibly far thrower (250+ yards), very fine zooming (~3 full turns), perfect constant brightness regulation (does not dim!!!), high-quality look&feel, typical Romisen top-quality built&finish, thick material walls, waterproof & shock-resistant, and most of all: its design is beautiful, will never cease to attract. Dealextreme price is lower when you order 3 or more!
    With 14500 in High mode it can get very warm after 1/4h unless you hold and keep it in your hands/outdoors for the cooling effect; the max. runtime then is ~45minutes. With 14500 in Med mode no noteworthy heatings effects occur and the max. runtime is 2.5hours. Even if brighter (=more expensive) 1x AA flashlights exist, you will like it a lot from the very beginning and not regret it. Once you try the 14500, you will never want to go back to Alkaline or NiMH, promised! Superior to Romisen RC-G2 and any other Romisen 1x AA flashlight, Sipik SK68, and Fenix LD10. Beats also Fenix LD20 except for the Fenix long runtime in ultralow mode. I enjoy it even more than the Xeno E03 V3!
    Best LED flashlight for the money, Period.
  • Good flashlight for a cheap cost

    posted by yjanne

    When the product finaly came I was wery positively subrised how good quality was the lamp. I can say for this lamp that it has for this cost wery good luminosity. It was nice to have the whole package at the same time, includes patteries, charger and a holster for the lamp.
    In Finland this types of flashlights cost at least 3x more.
    I can recommend this product for every one. Just put the batteries inside the lamp and rockenroll.
  • Great flashlight that works with standard AAA batteries or 18650 Rechargeab

    posted by avishay1ofir

    This is a very good flashlight that is easy to hold and has a very strong light. It has a flashing function and the width of the light can be adjusted. It uses either standard AAA batteries, but it may also be used with rechargeable 18650 batteries.
    I use this as an attachment on my biking helmet when I ride at night and it has a very wide beam, which is very effective.
    An excellent purchase.

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