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  • Good

    posted by jeffatdx

    Cheap replacement to the real D batteries. Can put 2 AAs in one case so that it lasts reasonably long in an application requiring D batteries.
    I later got a Sanyo eneloop family package from a nice deal, which includes 4 D cases and 4 C cases. So I really have more D cases than I need now.
    If you can't get decent deal for D type batteries, get this.
  • AA to D Cell converter

    posted by Misser

    Works like advertised and is a cheap replacement for expensive D-Cell batteries. used it in a 5 cell maglite and 4 cell cheap ripoff. Also replaced the 10 year old d-cells in door bell. With aa it probably won't last that long but corrosion will be limited intside.
    D-Cells are manly used for odd stuff like flashlight or doorbells. Why Pay premium if this cheap replacment does it also with cheaper AA batts.
    It makes one use AA batts in a D-Cell body. Worth the investment for flashlights etc. D-Cell in doorbells last 10+ years (own experience) so might not be the replacement for them. But using them now, let's see if they last as long.
  • LOVE these things

    posted by osiris73

    These things are great. Panasonic used to make these when rechargeable batteries first came out. THen they realized that it really hurt their sales of other battery sizes so they stopped.
    I'm glad I finally found more of these. They end up saving you a TON of money. They may not have the longevity of an actual larger battery, so you have to change them a little more often. *shrug*
    Definitely worth the money. Just buy it. The only problem I have sometimes is remembering to use them.
  • great case

    posted by rajapapaja1

    Great thing...i have many things that work on AA battery,but I have spare AAA batteries that were laying aside......find this converter case and bought it instantly...2 two AAA batteries are now in converter cases, and they run my wireless keyboard..
    this saved my life,because all of my remotes (TV,dvd,etc....) work on AA batteries....great package, quick shipment, continue to buy everything from dx extreme :D
    Would reccomend this converter cases for anyone wiht spare AAA batteries...
  • Only if you need them

    posted by FlightInWinter

    These convert 2 AA batteries to a D-Cell whereas sku.22596 converts 1 AA battery to a D-Cell. These will give you more amperage capacity.
    The quality of sku.22596 is better than these.
    Buy these only if you really feel that you have to have the capacity of 2 AA batts instead of one. Otherwise, I'd recommend that you buy sku.22596 instead.


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