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  • LSD NiMH AA owners, you NEED this!

    posted by desolder

    I have several D-cell powered devices, and it's really annoying that I have to buy separate D cells for them. Why can't I use my excellent LSD NiMH AA cells in them instead (e.g. Eneloops)? Well now I can!This adapter uses 2 AAs, for double the capacity/runtime compared to the single AA adapters. But if necessary, you can use them with just 1 AA if need be.The orange color really stands out. That makes it easier to fish them out of a drawer full of adapters.Now I'm saving money by not buying alkaline D cells, and I don't have to deal with trying to find those rare and expensive D NiMHs (which are often just AAs or sub C's wrapped in a D shaped plastic cylinder) and a special D-capable charger.
    Too bad they don't have 3x AA > D parallel adapters, for even greated capacity. I've only seen 3x AA adapters in series, which is fine if your device can tolerate 3x the voltage. Most can't.
    An ingenious device. Well worth it to eliminate those pesky D cells from my life.
  • great for 3 C LED flashlight!

    posted by luvsdaheat

    With the price of C batteries getting so high, I bought these to use in a "hot" 3C LED flashlight. Used Soshine 2400mAh AA ni-mh batts and take it on dog walks - we have no street lamps where we live. Throws light 300m on high, and it took about 2 months of walks for the light to get real dim!
    Could not ask for more for the price/use/build quality.
    Ordering more now :-)
    I didn't want to invest in "C" rechargables, and got these to try out. If you want to experiment with using AAs to power your C flashlight, etc., AND you already have (or are considering taking the plunge) into rechargable AAs -- don't hesitate. Besides, you'll lose more change out of your pocket in a month than the cost of them!
  • Translucent 1*AA-to-D Battery Converter Cases (2-Pack)

    posted by cosairwin

    The make is acceptable and was able to put in the AA batteries.
    Fit for use although poor make.
    fit for use
  • Cool

    posted by Taran2uls

    Low price, easy to use. Good material. You can charge aaa rechargable battery with normal aa charger. I use in a wireless mouse, good contact, nothing problem. I never found something like this in my country (Hungary). Light weight (plastic). Very useful.
    Especially useful if you like me for some reason always seems to gather endless amounts of AAA while your cordless mouse etc. all takes AA.
    Highly recommended. Great buy for the price.
  • Takes two AAs.

    posted by dleex

    It holds two AAs but can also work with one AA if less capacity is required. The volume pricing is nice if you need many.
    This takes two AA in parallel. Load them both with the positive end down (toward the bump). It also will work with a single AA battery for half the mAh capacity. As with all products that have cheap molded plastic hinges, treat it gently. If it breaks, it might not be as easy to repair with tape as the clam-shell designs.
    I'm happy with it so far.

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