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controller replacement Customers Reviews

  • Genuine ALPS joysticks

    posted by rspierce

    These are genuine ALPS branded joysticks (the same parts that Microsoft uses), at a hard to believe low price.
    If you've got drift problems with the joysticks, or the press function doesn't work, replacing them with these parts will usually fix it. You'll need a #8H (tamper resistant type) Torx screwdriver and good soldering skills to install these in an Xbox controller.
    Highly recommended.
  • Inexpensive alternative.

    posted by KegRaider

    * Perfect fit in all of my 4 Xbox360 controllers.
    * Cable length just right for me.
    * After 3 full charge / discharge cycles, I get about 8 hours of gameplay per charge.
    * Great price! These cost over $30 here in Australia.
    * Colour is a match on my controllers.
    * Time will tell if these are able to keep their charge. If they hold up as well as the other after market brands, I'll be happy :)
    * So far, great value for money, if you have 4 wireless joysticks, they you will want these battery packs. And pick up a 4 port powered hub to have all the charge leads ready to go :)
  • great battery for dualshock

    posted by gonxi7

    great battery very cheap and more powerfull than the original i am very happy for this item and its perfectly in my sisaxis controller.the battery life is around 35 hours and are quite quick to charge.this battery has more capacity compared to original, around 1200 mah more.
    easy to put in dualshock and everyone who needs new baterry should buy this one, my original battery of my dualshock 3 died and i buy this battery because i see the good comentaries and finally i decided for this item
    a great buy at all
  • Good purchase.

    posted by iLeif

    -good quality, can use my controller for hours with this and hardly tell difference between original case and this.- Looks great.
    If you have a white and booring xbox controller, this can make it look alot better. and if its a really old conrtoller you have getting this will make it seem like its totally new.
    if you are considering wether or not to buy this: BUY IT!
  • Great Replacement

    posted by shenske

    Looks and feels VERY close to OEM.Very easy to replace and re-install. Assuming you have a security torx screwdriver to open the controller shell.Well padded and secure during the shipping process.Price. Are you kidding me @2 for two replacement caps and a the silicone pads. Thats a steal.
    Overall the price and quality is great. Spending two bucks for the feeling of a new controller is well worth it. The springy-ness of the buttons and the grip of the joysticks is great!


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