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controller genuine xbox Customers Reviews

  • Great replacement!!!

    posted by deusercanada

    Real cheap price, does the job, perfect fit!Real cheap price, does the job, perfect fit!Real cheap price, does the job, perfect fit!
    Would not have been able to find such a part in a regular store. Other solutions like rechargeable battery packs are A LOT more expensive. Batteries tend to leak and ruin the inner coils at the bottom so this part is a must have in reserve when it happens.
    Perfect Fit, real cheap, Finish of the paint could better but who cares at $1.49
  • Great Long Lasting Battery

    posted by tsuu

    This is a Great price and many long hours of gameplay on the Xbox 360.Also as great bright vivid red color i was looking for.
    After having charged it for a very long time, it lasted many hours of gameplay, can't even remember how many , but several days, several hours a day.
    Buy it. It's a great price for a great long lasting battery and very good vivid red!
  • Works Fine!

    posted by edukc

    Works fine. The remote controller works with integration to Netflix, Vevo and others multimedia applications.One button to power on the Xbox and other to access the primary settings of the player.Integration with dvd media with buttons to access Title Menu, Root Menu and others.
    Without battery.
    I recommend this product. It's a very good alternative of the default controller and it's work as a good choice to the old peoples that don't know new technology.
  • Genuine ALPS joysticks

    posted by rspierce

    These are genuine ALPS branded joysticks (the same parts that Microsoft uses), at a hard to believe low price.
    If you've got drift problems with the joysticks, or the press function doesn't work, replacing them with these parts will usually fix it. You'll need a #8H (tamper resistant type) Torx screwdriver and good soldering skills to install these in an Xbox controller.
    Highly recommended.
  • Seems to be the real one!

    posted by rafaelsds2

    Excelent build, works perfectly, amazignly cheap. You cant say the difference between the one i removed and the one i welded.
    It's kinda tricky to change this component, because you have to remove the welding of the LT and RT triggers, but it's not to blame the product, it's just details. its perfect! By the way, the left stick (which i changed) is way better than the right stick now.
    The product is excelent. Feels just like the original one, it's very cheap and saved me $50 on a new controller. If you know something about welding (or if you are curious enough to try it), you can save your controller too. I mean, you can blindly buy it!

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