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controller caps Customers Reviews

  • Very easy to change

    posted by Decolele

    Very easy and exactly like the ones that came inside the controllers.
    Follow guides on youtube on how to change the joystick, it´s easy: get the screws loose to open the controller, then another one for the electronic card, so you can turn the card around, remove the old joystick and put the new ones in place, then just close and you are done.
    Very good product and very cheap, soon my other controller will need to change joysticks as well and i´ll surely buy another pair here.
  • Review for the playstation 3 analog

    posted by kleanjack

    The analog is very cheap and easy to use, it doesn't stick to your hand and it comes in four colours which make customization of the controller a lot better.
    The analog sticks are really nice, never seen any other than black except this.
    It is a good product for a really small price.
  • Great Replacement

    posted by shenske

    Looks and feels VERY close to OEM.Very easy to replace and re-install. Assuming you have a security torx screwdriver to open the controller shell.Well padded and secure during the shipping process.Price. Are you kidding me @2 for two replacement caps and a the silicone pads. Thats a steal.
    Overall the price and quality is great. Spending two bucks for the feeling of a new controller is well worth it. The springy-ness of the buttons and the grip of the joysticks is great!
  • Very good

    posted by Sindre759

    i am very happy with this purchase, fits perfectly compared to other DX sticks. took a little time to get used to, but now i think they are better to play with than the original stick. plus these stick will never wear out like rubber ones.
    edges and center of stick could be smoothed out a bit
    a very good purchase for gamers who have worn out their original sticks. remember to buy a torx T8 bit/screwdriver(with hole in the middle) to disassemble the controller.

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