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controller blue Customers Reviews

  • Very handy for night driving in traffic, without getting honking all time

    posted by Betospider

    excellent in the transit jam in a city like Rio de Janeiro were I live
    it could be more water resist. I had another divice as that, and it stopped working with rainwater, the water was accumulated inside the divice and all electronic parts were ruined with rust
    A reset button would also be nice to turn off the lights without turning off the device
  • highly recommended for better grip for xbox control

    posted by fedex29

    is very simple to assemble, left with a better grip and prevents perspiration after playing for a long time, it's really comfortable.Also protects the dust control may have on the environment.could also absorb some of the blow in a fall
    nothing special
    Product is recommended to protect the control and give a touch of style giving it a different color, a decorative touch.In cost-benefit ratio is highly recommended
  • Colourful and protective!

    posted by Synchron

    - Protects the controller from light falls and greasy fingers.
    - The silicone is elastic, is easy to fit and does not feel uncomfortable.
    - Dots helps and prevents the controller slipping in your hans.
    - Very good quality.
    Playing and eating tacos is no longer a problem! The silicone case can easily be demounted for washing. Let it dry and put it back on for further use.
    If you have many controllers you can easily find your favourite main controller.
    The colour is awesome, stands out from the original black colour.
    If you play PS3, you need this. Period!
  • Nice replacement for a worn out/damaged controller casing

    posted by Smapsa

    Undamaged, solid color, all the buttons and replacement plastic parts, blue joysticks and D-pad, only non-blue parts are the ABXY buttons and the guide button. Nice replacement for a damaged/worn out controller casing for your Xbox 360 wireless controller. The battery casing fits perfectly, tight fit.
    I got white, blue and pink casings and mixed them together. Not sure if it was because of that that I had to use Dremel to carve some of the buttons. In detail what I did: the D-pad inner part I had to carve the inner side of the large circle to fit it better and also the square with rounded corners had to be modified, ABXY/start/select buttons some of the little nibs coming out of them had to be carved, and lastly I did some grinding for the sync button to make its diameter smaller. The sync button also has to be glued so that it will work correctly.
    If you're not afraid to do some little modifications for some of the parts, this is for you. Otherwise think carefully, because some of the parts might be too tight to fit without some grinding and carving. All in all, I'm a very pleased customer and very pleased about getting the right colored plastic parts like in the pictures. REAL blue plastic, not a cheap painted white controller, so if you're looking for quality, get it.
  • Remote control

    posted by MYSAK

    Good idea, simple execution.Perfect for my application.The product has a good range, battery life, I can not judge the driver because of the short time during which own the equipment.
    It would be a good test output.New products do not work good name of the supplier-DX.
    High costs in reclaiming.The second time I will think twice if you buy a similar product on the DX, or at home.

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