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  • Super

    posted by jolandaonline

    Werkt perfect, wel even goed de gebruiksaanwijzing van je fototoestel lezen.Allergrootste pro is natuurlijk de prijs. nog geen 20 procent van wat hij hier in de winkel zou moeten kosten.
    Voor het eerst wat dingen bestelt via dx.com. Mezelf voorbereid op lang wachten, maar dat viel alleszins mee. Alles werd in aparte verpakkingen verstuurd. Goed beschermd.
    Voor het eerst wat dingen bestelt via dx.com. Mezelf voorbereid op lang wachten, maar dat viel alleszins mee. Alles werd in aparte verpakkingen verstuurd. Goed beschermd.
  • Wireless remote controller for DSLR Pentax

    posted by PetrSipek

    Price is really lowWork as expectedBattery in package
    I use mostly wired version with autofocus ability, but the cable is some time too short. For these cases I just take this wireless one, change from AF to MF and shoot what I want. You don´t need use autoshutter (12 s on my K10D) to avoid shaking camera on tripod
    It cost no money, just give it a try. You will never know when you will need it. Battery is included and I think it will be fully charged to the rest of your life, if you don´t shoot 2000 photos a day
  • works with Pentax K-30

    posted by HoldingINFinity

    - works very well- good range- it's small enough to keep at you all time- great for long-exposure shots from tripod
    It's a great thing to keep in your photo bag, not only for long exposure shots, but for portraits, for...well pretty much anything. If you shoot a landscape with a very small apperture, you'll need to use a long time, using a wireless trigger will help you not to shake the camera triggering it via button
    great thing to have!
  • Works great, very simple to use

    posted by shobo

    A very nice and simple to use product. It works great with the libraries found online. I've personally used this library http://www.arcfn.com/2009/08/multi-protocol-infrared-remote-library.html with great results. I like that they've included a "control" LED on the board, as it makes it very easy to check whether the sensor is receiving or not.
    It came in a zip-lock bag: the receiver and LED were bubble wrapped. No problems with packaging.The receiving sensor is a Vishay VS1838b.The pinout might seem a little fuzzy, but it's actually quite simple: the left pin, (which has a "-" written in the silkscreen next to it) is GND, middle is VCC and the right pin (which has a "S" next to it) is the output pin (or signal).The remote works in NEC protocol. Here are the codes for all the functions:PWR = 0xFFA25D;MODE = 0xFF629D;MUTE = 0xFFE21D;PLAY = 0xFF22DD;BWD = 0xFF02FD;FWD = 0xFFC23D;EQ = 0xFFE01F;VDN = 0xFFA857;VUP = 0xFF906F;ZERO = 0xFF6897;SHUFFLE = 0xFF9867;USD = 0xFFB04F;ONE = 0xFF30CF;TWO = 0xFF18E7;THREE = 0xFF7A85;FOUR = 0xFF10EF;FIVE = 0xFF38C7;SIX = 0xFF5AA5;SEVEN = 0xFF42BD;EIGHT = 0xFF4AB5;NINE = 0xFF52AD;
    Great product for quick prototyping/making a proof of concept. Could be harder to integrate on a perfboard or final product if you don't want to use the wires.
  • Pretty good remote

    posted by thunderbird1994

    It's really cheap. More than 10 times cheaper compared to the original Olympus remote control. The battery is fully crarged to 3.15V and I expect to last long. It works in all modes (AUTO, P,A,S,M)the build matereal is pretty good and it doesn't feel cheap.
    I couldn't say anything about the operation range, because the change of my LED, but now I could trigger my camera from 10-12 meters.


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