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  • They work.

    posted by HawkTomas

    They work like they should.They pump liquid.
    Since these have no "O" ring seal I wouldn't use these for long-term storage. These are ok if you are going to use the contents on a semi-regular basis. Do expect some evaporation over time though.
    Bigger than I thought, that's my fault though. I should of went to the kitchen and got a measuring cup to see what size I wanted.

    My American mind dosen't visualize 250ml.

    If I had just looked I would have realized:

    250ml = 8fl oz = 1 cup.

    So these are pretty good sized. Next time I will get the smaller ones.
  • nice, small and verry usefull

    posted by remcohn

    Small container for all volatile liquids
    much more easy then opening a bottle and trying to get a little of the liquid on a cotton swab! just flip open the top, take a swab, press it down with the swab and you got a small pool of the liquid you need
  • Low quality but works

    posted by gbdemelo

    + well constructed+ come with a plenty amount+ assemble and disassemble the way you like+ transparent lid+ seems that it will last long
    could have lower price and other sizes like 250ml / 300ml / 400ml /500ml /600ml/700/ml/800ml / 900ml / 1L...Could have other colors like green, gray, blue, white, black, yellow, purple
    Buy if you need something with precise marker. Low volume .
  • Funnel 100 ml capacity.

    posted by gogogoalex2

    100 ml capacity its pretty ok, looks good. cheap price.
    At the moment im using only water, in the future i dont know if i will use with other liquid, but the defective problem means i cannot use with liquid glue or something like that or i will make a mess when applying the liquid with the funnel.
    i bought for use with water, so its doing its function but i cannot be 100% happy with this type of problems it came with. Lose liquid, should not be acceptable, plastic not cut, should be returnable. So thats my review.
  • Fairly good.

    posted by Ghlargh

    Cheap bottle for use with, for example, liquid soldering flux.
    You may need to attack this thing with a knife and maybe some glue for the brush before it is fully usable.

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