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contact thermometer Customers Reviews

  • This is a medical tool

    posted by johnorcos

    very accurate ±0.2 ?C (36-39C), very useful, very cheap but high quality,NO special batteries (just AA)
    This is a medical tool, NOT a toy, don't let children play with this.This tool measure temp in 2 modes:1)BODY: 32-43?C 2)SURF : 0-60oC CAUTION:Before 1st use it's needs calibration , read carefully the leaflet1) Measure the temp with classical temp meter2) Measure the temp with infrared meterIf there is a difference between 2 meters e.x. 0.8CPress MODE button for 3 sec--> use Up/Down buttons to go F2--> Press MODE button again-->use Up/Down buttons again to adjust 0.8C--> Press MODE button again.To Exit from menu, press the trigger 1 timeUSE:1)Target the front head, keep steady and do NOT move the infrared meter.2) Press the trigger and hold it pressed until you hear beep sound.Let about 1min interval between measurements for accurate results
    This is a mast for every doctor or family
  • Great tool for occasional use

    posted by JimJunkie

    Works great where you don't need a 100% accurate reading. As far as I can tell it is pretty accurate, I'm just not sure how much I'd trust it.Easy to useHas held together well for over 2 years nowBattery lasts a long timeLaser sight is handy
    Has been great for tuning my Nitro-methane remote control car and brewing beer, definitely has the required accuracy for these.
    While it feels a bit cheap when you see the packet & when you hold it, it does work well & reliably and hasn't broken over years of use and not-to-careful storage.A good buy if you want a cheap IR thermometer.
  • Very usefull

    posted by marioleo

    -Very portable-Small.-Easy to use.-Seems to be precise.-No need to read any instructions.-Very easy to learn.-Fast response.
    This a very usefull item if you have to control any food temperature. It's small handy. you can carry any where in your pocket. Very easy to learn, besides a laser point is missing, wouldn't hurt at all. No need for instructions read. I am very Happy if this item.
    A very Good one.
  • It's ok for its purpose

    posted by vonSchnoid

    Easy to useGood price compared to other unitsQuick measurement Quick switch on of the unitBoth Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature system
    None at the moment
    If you are looking for a cheap yet still good touch less temperature measurement tool this one is for you.And if you aren't to concerned with slightly sub-par build standard then you can't be disappointed.
  • Works as described

    posted by borenibai

    * Very simple to operate
    * Laser pointer - easy to center on the measured area
    * Min/max/average - easy to measure temperature over a larger area
    * Error estimate
    * Dual temp. (C/F) display
    * Good enough precision (tested against a known contact thermometer, error is within specs)
    * Good grip
    * Has a pouch for storage
    Excellent for the price.
    Recommended for kitchen use.

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