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constant voltage Customers Reviews

  • LED Driver

    posted by Elwin1992

    Very easy to use, delivers a great steady current. I'm using it for a LED strip in the bathroom and it has been working great. It is not too expensive and waterproof which makes it a safe bet to use everywhere in the house.
    I think it is nicely made, it doesn't make noise when it is used unlike other cheaply made adapters.
    If you need an adapter for a LED strip this is the one to buy !
  • Works like the charm!

    posted by pepesz

    - It's cheap but looks solid. - Works as expected.- So far quiet (without annoying buzzing).- Screw terminals for wires.
    The adjustment pots are not described on the PCB so little guessing is needed.The coil is not fixed to the board - would be nice to glue it to the PCB.There is no input polarity protection diode so do not swap power cables!Overall quite useful piece of product.
    Definitively worth the money, so buy it if you need one.
  • OK

    posted by vi0oss

    Able to limit current unlike most of other cheap voltage converters;Indicator showing if current cap is being hitted;
    Good combo with http://www.dx.com/p/0-28-led-red-dual-display-3-digital-current-voltage-meter-ampere-voltage-meter-black-10a-238365
    Nice product for charging batteries or experimenting with things without worrying of short circuit.Now charging a lamp using this without even removing batteris from it. Even if I accidently turn on the lamp, it won't immediately burn LEDs due to current limit.
  • powerbooster with CURRENT CONTROLL

    posted by lasermanathome

    This SKU delivers exactly that what other of these kind of voltageboosters do not have, currentcontroll!!So you don't have to use ballastresistors or other currentlimiting measures.Leds do have the habit to alter their resistance when they are in conducting state (like fluorescentbulbs but less dramatical)So this booster can drive powerleds without other components when cooling is OK!!
    Can be used to build massive ampifiers for carsAlso suitable for RC when higher voltages are used.When used 3 pieces parallel (with diodes) you can even feed an electric bike with one traction battery (12/24 VDC) USE an antiparraleldiode for the motor!!
    For inventors this is a very handy component with much (hidden) potential.
  • Very useful as a power supply.

    posted by walterwitt

    Extremely useful buck module. Output is within 0.02V and 0.002A of set values tested with an EXTECH multi-meter. It's extremely easy to use once you know how to use it. You can set the Voltage/Current limits and measure the output Volts, Amps, Watts, and Amp hours. You can turn off the output while it's still powered on. You can set the default output parameters and save 10 sets of parameters.
    First:This module has a hidden menu which allows you to enable and disable certain features. Access it by holding OK when you power it on. Keep holding OK and it will scroll through the numbers 0-2. These numbers represent different features to enable / disable.-0 is whether it starts with the output on or not.-1 enables saving and loading output parameters as well as enables Watt and Amp-hour measurement.-2 is whether it starts with the output parameters auto scrolling.To enable or disable these features, release OK when the number is displayed and then it will show a Y if it's now enabled on N if it's now disabled.Second:When you apply power to the module it will ether start with the output on or off (shown by the red LED). If the output is on, you can scroll through the current Volts, Amps, Watts, and AH by pressing OK. Volts display with the decimal in the middle, Amps with the decimal on the left, Watts with a P at the start and AH with a C...
    ...Hold OK for 3 seconds to make the perimeters auto-scroll. You can change the output volt and amp limit with the UP and DOWN buttons when the parameter is displayed. If you push SET when the output is on, it will turn off and you will enter set mode. In set mode you can scroll through the set volts, and amps and the load (LO-#) and save (SA-#) menus by pressing SET. To change the default perimeters go to the one you want to change and use the UP/DOWN buttons to change it and then press SET to set it as the default value it (should display ----). to save the output parameters, go to the Save menu and use UP/DOWN to select where to save it(0 is default) and press OK to save it there. To load parameters, go to the Load menu and use UP/DOWN to select where to load from. press OK in set mode to turn on the output with set values.It's a little confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes easy. Ether way, it's very useful and I highly recommend it.

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