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  • This driver is not 680mA

    posted by whorled

    It is relatively inexpensive.It is small and light.It is waterproof.The wiring not too thin.It comes with a connector on the dc side.
    The DX listing for this product shows "Waterproof 680mA 3W Power Constant Current Source LED Driver ".The label on the driver has no output current shown, only "Output 1x3w"
    Came here expecting this driver to be suitable for power testing single 3w leds at 680mA. The driver only delivered 540mA into a single 3w led. It was tested with several different single leds: 2.5v red 660nm 3w leds, 3.5v blue 450nm 3w leds, and 3.7v warm white 3w leds. Multimeter showed each one receiving only 540mA.Left disappointed.
  • Not bad driver

    posted by komik777

    I received the 4 pieces: 2 marked “JR Drive”, and 2 marked “QiaoDuoTianCong”.
    The JR Drive is very good quality, made very accurately, very good work.
    The output current doesn't achieve the value it was supposed to. I have measured all the 3 devices and the current was 1.23 A for all of them and not 1.4 A as announced. Output voltage: DC 23V.
    The "JR Drive" is good product, good price, I recommend.
  • Not good driver for XM-L

    posted by yrnkrn

    Packaged in a plasic box, unlike the other drivers, makes it very easy to install. Comes with thick LED wires suitable for 2000mA (again unlike other drivers such as SKU 42746. I measured just above 2000mA.
    They should really put this in an aluminum box.
    Cree XM-L driven at 2000mA is very bright. I use sunglasses...
  • Good quality driver

    posted by ChucklesExtreme

    Seems to be well-built and sturdy. Has leads already attached to connect to the LED.
    You have to solder your own leads at the AC end, though it is clearly marked. It is also a bit larger than I was expecting, so make sure to check the measurements before ordering, if you're planning to use it in a smaller space.
    Seems like a good product. Time will tell whether it lasts, but from its appearance and performance so far, I'm optimistic. Planning to order at least one more.
  • inverter that can feed any 10 in series 5 parallel >30V 1,6A 50W LED mod

    posted by RBMK9000

    Ready to work, just solder input wires and the led module.the heatsink is engineered big enough to work in closed compartments and not overheat. It is packaged in a nice box, which can be used as an emergency enclosure to protect you from line voltage until you fin a nicer place to install it.It is build to last and looks easily repairable.
    I wonder how it will act if the LED gets accidentaly shorted or disconnected and i don't want to try it and possibly destroy it.You can connect a fan to it's outputs, if it has correct series resistor for it's input current. Fans have it written on them with the voltage and wattage.
    It does work silently and starts instantly with no surge to the mains.

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