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  • Good Driver at best price

    posted by anitas

    1. Dirt cheap (I bought 6 with bulk rate)2. Isolated DC/No electrocution on LED side.3. Switch mode so efficient, less heat.4. Compact size.
    I bought 6 to replace CFL's. I used this with 1 watt led 3 in series and these 3 series in parallel (9 1 watt LED). I made 6 strips with Alu. channel as heat sink (see images). Single strip of 9 led's draw .04 A i.e. .04 A x230 V = 9.2 watt. Which is good performance.Since no mounting holes, I had difficulty mounting this on channel. So I used electric tape for isolation and fixing.So far all working okay.
    Good performer at this price. A envelop box may require by someone, however this makes it bulkier and, heat convection stops. I think mounting holes should be provided.
  • Cheap, works great, does what it says.

    posted by Belcat

    - This driver puts out 0.97A when driving 3 x 10W LedEngin. The power usage was 31.6W by the LEDs, and 32.6W by the driver. Seems pretty efficient to me!- I've also used it to drive 7 Cree XPG warm white LEDs, very bright!- The driver runs cool, expected this with the readings above.- Easier to organize one big driver than to have tons of smaller ones all over the place.- Price was cheaper than many places I checked, and quality seems to be just good.
    - Not sure what the yellow wire is on the supply side. Probably ground, but I did not check.- Did not check if it was waterproof.- Running tests off 120V 60 Hz, using a Watts Up! module for the LED side and a Kill-A-Watt P3 meter on the AC side.
    - If you need to drive 9-10 LEDs at 1A, get this driver! It'll save you a lot of soldering a bunch of the other tiny drivers out there.
  • Product is as shown, good quality.

    posted by ScudEra

    Item works fine and provide the same quality of output to my former 12W LED downlight.Highly recommended for those who's looking for a replacement for the 12W driver spoilt like mine did.
    The first few days of using it is a little weird.Maybe I forgot how my former driver works but this one has a glowing effect during switching it on and off.You'll see the LED fade in and fade out (when switching off).And in a really dark room like mine, you can still look at the LEDs have a little glow left after turning it off.This isn't at all a cons point though.Finger crossed, hope this last longer than the last one.
    Recommended, a reasonable replacement for my broken driver. Plus the shipping is free and the packaging is good.
  • Perfect match for SKU66382

    posted by chrisal

    - It delivers the exact power needed for High Power Leds Modules ratings as SKU66382.
    - It is very small (I thought it was larger !)
    - it accept major AC lines all over the world
    - It has a pilot LED onboard that confirms it is working
    -It is the perfect match for SKU66382 or equivalent. -Dont try to do power supplies yourself, it is already available! Get this unit.
    -Necessary some skills for completing the assembly. it is a perfect component for LED lightning.
  • Quality LED driver

    posted by Lymatas

    This LED driver (power supply) is built very well. It is water resistant and designed to use with outdoor LED lightning. Dimensions are quite small. Recommended to everyone.
    This water resistant LED driver (power supply) could be more powerful with the same body dimensions. This LED driver (power supply) is built very well. It is water resistant and designed to use with outdoor LED lightning. Dimensions are quite small. Recommended to everyone.Nothing more to say.
    If you need water resistant LED driver (power supply), like this one - buy. Recommended to everyone.

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