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  • very good driver

    posted by LeatherfaceNL

    its a very good LED driver.
    bought 3 but only needed 2 but later had to replace an older one that died (other brand and quality and more expensive)
    these run longer than the original expensive ones.
    and its even running 32 x 1w powerleds.
    it was a lil gamble because it says 21-30 leds but seems to work out perfect.
    its easy to install and connect.no extra work needed.
    shes running nice n smooth already a long time.
    its not running hot,the 32 leds burn just as bright as the 30 on the other one(at least i dont see the diffrence)
    one word GOOD stuff
    wish i bought more because all my original expensve ones are dieing.
    i need another one like this.
    great driver! if your planning to power up some 1w/300-350mA powerleds.(in between 21-30 ofcourse).. its a must have
  • A nice PT4115 driver that can drive way more

    posted by oinkwaste

    PT4115 is a very versatile chip that can be supplied up to 30V. So considering you change the capacitor to something like 35V-50V, you can drive 7-8 3W leds with this beast. isnt it amazing?also the price you can get it is so cheap, it sometimes doesnt worth to make it yourself. In small quantities sourcing the PT4115 and the extra components can be more expensive
    I have made my own board with this driver, in order to control the sense resistor and also add dimming with a 5V source. Its a gem, but it will cost me much more time and effort for the same result. And if I had not got most of the electronics around, it would also cost me more money
    Its so versatile a chip that you definitely dont have to look further when you want to drive 2-7 3W leds :)
  • nice

    posted by ibbleobble

    This is a great driver. I used it to make a 1 watt night light with an xm-l led. Extremely bright! The unit seems well sealed with resin on the back, and the wires were easy to attach to an australian plug from bunnings. I don't see any flickering. I would like to get a device to test how much power it actually uses, but I don't have one.
    I'm keen to make my own home lighting, and this makes it easy. Would be nice if there was more choice of currents and voltages, and if there were dimmable versions. A half watt version would be good.
  • 3W LED Constant Current Driver for 3 x 1W or 1 x 3W LED Use

    posted by ElectroMojo

    Cheap, Simple seems to function well. No problems at all.
    Have a look at DX's additional products that would support this type of RAW circuit. Heat shrink, a PVC electonic's box would certainly bring the grade of the product up to scratch. Having said that you could even put a tab of double sided tape 3mm thick underneath the board for mounting.
    It's a simple, cheap, nasty circuit .. but reliable. Watch out for push around components you could easily damage it .. but once in a casing it's as good as needed. Brilliant for DIY Projects.
  • Great value!

    posted by 91Thpe

    Really nice product. Has a big passive cooler at the back of it and the LED just loves it. My LED was rated at slightly more than 100W, but this driver did the job. Easy to solder connections and no faulty solder joints.
    Wires are short and really thin (as with any driver) and need to be replaced, but this is really simple.
    A really nice product for the money. I can really recommend it.


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