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  • Not good driver for XM-L

    posted by yrnkrn

    Packaged in a plasic box, unlike the other drivers, makes it very easy to install. Comes with thick LED wires suitable for 2000mA (again unlike other drivers such as SKU 42746. I measured just above 2000mA.
    They should really put this in an aluminum box.
    Cree XM-L driven at 2000mA is very bright. I use sunglasses...
  • Blinking Leds

    posted by emreeris

    Build quality OK, price is reasonable and it has enough power to drive 5mt led stripe.It has ground on input side to have safer installation
    I tried to use this driver to decorate my kitchen. I also ordered a 5 mt daylight led strip. My problem is about the leds. when I connect them to the driver, they started to blink. I was assuming non blinking leds :)Now I don't know what to or what is the problem..
    You may purchase this product if it fits your needs.
  • I dont know

    posted by AchimH

    It works. The electronic is selaed.german:es funktioniert. Elektronik ist vergossen.
    I dont know, if there is an EMI-filter was inserted. I think, it's protected for use in wet rooms. In one of all supplies the sealing-material was to little, i can see some electronic components. Price is ok.german:Ich weiß nicht, ob ein Entstörfilter eingebaut wurde. Bei einer der Stromquellen war die Füllhöhe so gering, dass man Umrisse elektronischer Bauteile erahnen konnte, aber doch vollständig bedeckt. Ich denke, dass es mindestens IP44 wasserdicht ist.
    Text partly translated with a programm. Sorry for my bad english. I am german.
  • nice

    posted by ibbleobble

    This is a great driver. I used it to make a 1 watt night light with an xm-l led. Extremely bright! The unit seems well sealed with resin on the back, and the wires were easy to attach to an australian plug from bunnings. I don't see any flickering. I would like to get a device to test how much power it actually uses, but I don't have one.
    I'm keen to make my own home lighting, and this makes it easy. Would be nice if there was more choice of currents and voltages, and if there were dimmable versions. A half watt version would be good.
  • 10W LED Constant Current Source Power Supply Driver (90~265V)

    posted by ppaw

    This is a small, compact led driver, Good price and best of all it works.And if something should go wrong it is repairable
    Instant start up for the LED where as some others take up to 1 second to illuminate the LED
    Good compact low cost LED driver with a low power usage.


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