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  • Great for driving two 30W LEDS

    posted by rusty1964

    Easy to connect and use.Does not get too warm with generous heatsink fitted.
    This unit, plus two 30W warm white LEDs makes great room lighting, noticeably brighter than equivalent power of compact fluoros, and no two minute wait for the fluoros to reach full brightess. The turn on delay is disconcerting for a few days and then you get used to it and stop having a momentary thought that the lights have failed :-)
  • Not good driver for XM-L

    posted by yrnkrn

    Packaged in a plasic box, unlike the other drivers, makes it very easy to install. Comes with thick LED wires suitable for 2000mA (again unlike other drivers such as SKU 42746. I measured just above 2000mA.
    They should really put this in an aluminum box.
    Cree XM-L driven at 2000mA is very bright. I use sunglasses...
  • Small and functional

    posted by BONGITO

    This is an extremely tiny but functional device.Wonderful product for its small size (about 2 cm). The price is good.This product is suitable for connecting and powering household LED lamps (strip lights, LED MODULE, etc.)Input voltage widely from 90 to 265 volts AC, which is suitable for almost all networks worldwide voltage. Output voltage when switching to 235 volt network - to me is 14.1 volts DCWhen connecting the three G4 LED module (3x1, 5 watts) like this SKU: 165228 - the voltage dropped to 11.4 volts. That is absolutely enough to feed their.I do not see problems with flashing, which means that the device is stable.
    It would be nice to be packed in a box. It is better to be alone and have a short description of use
    Very little, but really functional device for your home LED lighting. Be careful when you connect.
  • Price and Quality Good

    posted by evelurtas

    Very good product, it is resistant to the water and easily to connect. In relation to the price quality is exelente.White hot light Lighting of high quality with a strong power of light Effect of light of sharp lines Intensity of the adjustable light with regulator of intensity
    Conections Easy
    There allows To fit the intensity of the light of these bulbs Philips's LED by means of a regulator of intensity (not included), which does that this light is ideal to create an environment for every occasion, already is for an intimate food with your pair or awhile of easing with your family and friends in the lounge. Philips has proved several regulators of wall that are compatible with our lamps LED. You have a list of compatible regulators in unloads of the section of assistance
  • excellent source of current

    posted by ustohal

    Excellent source of current. Provides constant current over a wide voltage range. I measured the range from 24V to 35V and the current was still exactly the same 320 mA. The source is pleasantly small, execution is precise. Insulated against water. When operating with a minimum of heat. I eat it with powering 10W 3200K LED module, function OK.
    Great little resource with a wide range of supply voltage. Ideal for LED applications from the 8 to 14 LEDs.

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