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On this page, you can find a wide selection of constant current power. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. Browse the products from water constant current, or some other related Pages like waterproof constant current. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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constant current power Customers Reviews

  • Tiny and good quality

    posted by bigricesack

    This LED power supply is very small, is CE marked and tested, and seems of good build quality. I use it to drive 3 RGB LEDs in series (sku.4530), green directly connected, blue with 8.2 ohm in series and red with 3.9 ohm in series for each LED. This gives a nice warm white. I use thin white plastic (carrier bag) close to the led to mix the colors.
    It works and is very small. I'd like to see KED05-300CL from Kegao, which handles more LEDs at the same current.
    Buy this if you want to make a mains powered safe LED lamp.
  • Great power supply for the 1W led.

    posted by solar5

    I purchased this power supply for testing my 1-watt power LEDs. Works perfect! I also wanted to test the power supply itself to see how it performed. I connected a single 1-watt power LED with heatsync, (LED sku 13612), to the, Waterproof 350mA 1W Power Constant Current Source LED Driver, and left it on overnight. The LED was only slightly warm and the power supply itself was still cool to the touch. Also, there is no light flickering at all. The power supply produces a pure DC power. Very good power supply. Very satisfied!
    Overall, good power supply for any one watt LED. I have also used it with the, CYEE055YW080A 3W 80-Lumen 3000K White LED, (sku 13613), with excellent results.
    Bottom line, I recommend this power supply for its ease of use, compact size, and overall excellent performance. Well worth the money. Buy it!
  • cheap, easy to install and good finished

    posted by tincho2011

    good product, looks very solid, is very nice finished and so easy to install.
    This is the best "partner" for a stream of leds... I used this and leds lights to iluminate my kitchen and looks great!. I installed this under the kitchen´s forniture to iluminate only part of the room and save some money.
    very good and cheap buy! probably I´ll buy more of this on my nexts home projects.
  • Good Driver BUTTTTTT....

    posted by Goonylex

    I bought 5 at onceGood DriverWaterproof is always a plusThis driver is actually smaller than the 1W led 320ma driver which is a plusIt is a better colour than the one in the picture
    not impressed at all with broken parts manly due to bad packingWas impressed with delivery time though, I recieved it in about a week which was suprising since it usually always takes about 3 weeks to arrive
    Good driverGood Price could be a bit lower but at this time you will not find a cheaper waterproof oneIf all my drivers arrived in one piece i would give it 4-5 starsI gave a lower rating on usefullnes because it is less usefull without those screw holders
  • inverter that can feed any 10 in series 5 parallel >30V 1,6A 50W LED mod

    posted by RBMK9000

    Ready to work, just solder input wires and the led module.the heatsink is engineered big enough to work in closed compartments and not overheat. It is packaged in a nice box, which can be used as an emergency enclosure to protect you from line voltage until you fin a nicer place to install it.It is build to last and looks easily repairable.
    I wonder how it will act if the LED gets accidentaly shorted or disconnected and i don't want to try it and possibly destroy it.You can connect a fan to it's outputs, if it has correct series resistor for it's input current. Fans have it written on them with the voltage and wattage.
    It does work silently and starts instantly with no surge to the mains.

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