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constant current power supply

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constant current power supply Customers Reviews

  • Spec

    posted by nateHKextreme

    Drives LEDs
    I'm using these with 140411. They drive a single LED at 9 volts and 665ma (5.985w). When I plug the ac outlet into my kill-a-watt meter, it says it's drawing 8w (~75% efficiency). I also tested this with some resistors. It drives a 25 ohm resistor at 14v, 496mA, 6.15w and a 50 ohm resistor at 17.66v, 353mA, 6.23w. 100ohm makes it hum a bit, so I didn't push it.
    The efficiency is a little low, but it does work. If you want to drive 6w leds, this is a good way to go.
  • Works great - hardly any heat dissipation

    posted by debra

    Great little constant power sources. Its tiny and has almost no heat dissipation.
    It's a pity there is no 3x3 watt equivalent available. I used it to drive 2 3 watt emitters, and that works great.
    A tiny device that allows you to drive 2 to 3 1 or 3 watt led emitters. Works great, low price, a pity there is no 3 x 3 watt version..
  • Great for DIY lights

    posted by ecotack

    Its sealed so no need to worry about electrocuting yourself on components at mains voltages. Mounting lugs to attach it to your housing.
    I used two of these to under drive twenty 3 watt LEDs in a florescent light housing.It would be nice to have 20w drivers that can drive four 5 watt LEDs or two 10 watt LEDs, so I had less soldering to do.
    Great easy to use driver for twenty 1 watt LEDs (10S2P) or to under drive ten 3 watt LEDs.
  • 7W LED power supply

    posted by mariusr

    I have bought 5 pieces and all are working very good. Are easy to install. I use them for E27 bulb with 7 watt led. The light is ok. You can put 2 of this bulb light in the living room and use it like principal light.
    very good and cheap buy! I will buy more for my other projects.
    To make a bulb light led you need leds (5-7 for this power supply), heatsink for leds (I use a big one from my old computer), aluminium base plate and this power supply.
  • Good quality, 7.4W output, 8.6 watt consumption

    posted by nagymate

    Small, good quality. High frequency output (LEDs will not flicker). Protected against too small resistance loading.Large input voltage range.
    While output power is around 7.4 Watts, consumption is 8.6 Watts (from 230V input voltage). This means 86% efficiency. Output voltage is vary depending on the loading to achieve almost constant current. In case of open circuit the output voltage is around 45 Volts.
    If You only need only 7.4 Watts and 86% efficiency, this product can be a good choice for You. You cannot use 10W 12V LED chips with this, because the lowest output voltage is higher than 12V


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