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constant current power supply

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constant current power supply Customers Reviews

  • compact LED driver

    posted by agrisp

    Very small form factor LED driver. Can be used to drive 4 or 5 1W LEDs in series. Clearly marked soldering points. Flexible wires allow this unit to be placed in GU10 bulbs which are assebmled using threaded screw assembly type. E.g. wires can be twisted.
    Unit has no heatsink and cannot be fittet with one, but since it is not going too hot, that is not really a problem.
    God for DIY projects.
  • Quality LED driver

    posted by Lymatas

    This LED driver (power supply) is built very well. It is water resistant and designed to use with outdoor LED lightning. Dimensions are quite small. Recommended to everyone.
    This water resistant LED driver (power supply) could be more powerful with the same body dimensions. This LED driver (power supply) is built very well. It is water resistant and designed to use with outdoor LED lightning. Dimensions are quite small. Recommended to everyone.Nothing more to say.
    If you need water resistant LED driver (power supply), like this one - buy. Recommended to everyone.
  • Great for DIY lights

    posted by ecotack

    Its sealed so no need to worry about electrocuting yourself on components at mains voltages. Mounting lugs to attach it to your housing.
    I used two of these to under drive twenty 3 watt LEDs in a florescent light housing.It would be nice to have 20w drivers that can drive four 5 watt LEDs or two 10 watt LEDs, so I had less soldering to do.
    Great easy to use driver for twenty 1 watt LEDs (10S2P) or to under drive ten 3 watt LEDs.
  • Tiny and good quality

    posted by bigricesack

    This LED power supply is very small, is CE marked and tested, and seems of good build quality. I use it to drive 3 RGB LEDs in series (sku.4530), green directly connected, blue with 8.2 ohm in series and red with 3.9 ohm in series for each LED. This gives a nice warm white. I use thin white plastic (carrier bag) close to the led to mix the colors.
    It works and is very small. I'd like to see KED05-300CL from Kegao, which handles more LEDs at the same current.
    Buy this if you want to make a mains powered safe LED lamp.
  • Product is as shown, good quality.

    posted by ScudEra

    Item works fine and provide the same quality of output to my former 12W LED downlight.Highly recommended for those who's looking for a replacement for the 12W driver spoilt like mine did.
    The first few days of using it is a little weird.Maybe I forgot how my former driver works but this one has a glowing effect during switching it on and off.You'll see the LED fade in and fade out (when switching off).And in a really dark room like mine, you can still look at the LEDs have a little glow left after turning it off.This isn't at all a cons point though.Finger crossed, hope this last longer than the last one.
    Recommended, a reasonable replacement for my broken driver. Plus the shipping is free and the packaging is good.

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