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constant current led driver Customers Reviews

  • Nice except

    posted by mothi

    It was really cheap! Easy to install, my LEDs are running nice and smooth.
    I put it in a plastic box to guard the contacts. Doesn't get hot.
    Drives my LEDs nicely, so if it poses no further problems, a great buy.
  • serves to what was done

    posted by Ramatys

    Answers to what was done, no heat, no noise and good weld quality.
    just a tip for a joint purchasing, using 10 LEDs of 1W following link:
    I use three sets of three parallel
    I believe it has a better cost benefit with this set suggested, and that is better than buying the driver with cash. More worthwhile.
  • Nice item

    posted by lucianoreis

    Its a very nice item. I have using for 4 months without any problem.
    I should buy to have a spare part because the lead time it's too long.
    Maybe the price could be more competitive. I don't had any surprise with the use of hits item.
    Its a great option for domestic use. I use this item with 1W lamps.
    Maybe the price could be more competitive. I don't had any surprise with the use of hits item.
  • Great DIY repair for singe AA flashlights

    posted by QBranch

    Great to have around for repair of small single AA flashlights. I have four HUGSBY P31 lights (sku: 35078) and unfortunately 3 have failed. Found out that the emitter and switch are fine, so it must be the emitter board. So I found these on DX and ordered 5. These fixed all 3 of my P31 lights. BUT be aware that 2 of the 5 sent were 3 mode boards (Hi-Lo-Flash) and 3 were 1 mode (Off-On). The SKU stickers on the zip baggies were identical (128096). Note that the black boards with a larger baggies were 3 mode and the green boards with small baggies were 1 mode.
    Items got sent in a bubble mailer envelope and 1 emiiter got smashed.
    Great DIY repair board and to have some around for spare.
  • Works great - hardly any heat dissipation

    posted by debra

    Great little constant power sources. Its tiny and has almost no heat dissipation.
    It's a pity there is no 3x3 watt equivalent available. I used it to drive 2 3 watt emitters, and that works great.
    A tiny device that allows you to drive 2 to 3 1 or 3 watt led emitters. Works great, low price, a pity there is no 3 x 3 watt version..


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