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constant current led driver Customers Reviews

  • Product is as shown, good quality.

    posted by ScudEra

    Item works fine and provide the same quality of output to my former 12W LED downlight.Highly recommended for those who's looking for a replacement for the 12W driver spoilt like mine did.
    The first few days of using it is a little weird.Maybe I forgot how my former driver works but this one has a glowing effect during switching it on and off.You'll see the LED fade in and fade out (when switching off).And in a really dark room like mine, you can still look at the LEDs have a little glow left after turning it off.This isn't at all a cons point though.Finger crossed, hope this last longer than the last one.
    Recommended, a reasonable replacement for my broken driver. Plus the shipping is free and the packaging is good.
  • Power supply for lasers

    posted by cyberpla

    Very tiny!!!
    I connected a laser module and working properly.
    This power supply is ideal to use laser modules acquired recently.
    When you have a laser module connected while you heat a little, is common these devices.
    believed that I could find a power source so small.
    If you're using laser modules, this device comes in handy, since it supports several at once, although it should be protected with some resistance.
  • Good power supply

    posted by gallimatao

    The 28W 1400mA Power Constant Current Source LED Driver (85~265V)has been under electronic tests in my company and we are obtaining good results.At least for the brazilian standards, the price is good.
    Thank you.
  • Great driver for high power LEDs

    posted by JohnOB

    This is a really nice driver for high-power LEDs. I use it to drive Luxeon Endor Stars. It delivers 300mA to 350mA to the Endor Stars which are wired with three high-power LEDs in series. I run it off of my 12V car battery.Unlike resistors or voltage regulators it wastes very little power. It is very much like the Buck Puck drivers that cost$15. It's very simple to use it will run on DC (any polarity) or AC. The chip used in this drive is a PT4115.
    This driver will work with any set of LEDs which all have the same 300mA current requirement.Just put them in series andd hook em up.BUY IT
  • Cheap and good quality

    posted by Eromir

    This 6W LED Constant Current Source Power Supply Driver (90~265V) is really cheap and reliable. I have it for more than 1 year and it works as i expect. No issues at all. Is really small and can fit easily on small places, so you can hide it.
    Arrive really fast in Brazil, something around 2 weeks
    Looking for it, buy, you will not regret


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