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constant current driver

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constant current driver Customers Reviews

  • Dimmable 13~18 LED

    posted by johnyconny

    Hello allI drive to this review that I've found that a dimmable LED driver is not in the web shop is indicated as dimmable?It is item number 174475I compared it seemed to article number 171146Look at the pictures.
    I've tested this with the LED. DIY 7W 2800~3200K 560~630LM Round COB LED Module (DC 21~24V) With these 3 LEDs 7w (141851)These LEDs are beautiful in color temparature.
    I am probably going to bying more.
  • Good power supply

    posted by gallimatao

    The 28W 1400mA Power Constant Current Source LED Driver (85~265V)has been under electronic tests in my company and we are obtaining good results.At least for the brazilian standards, the price is good.
    Thank you.
  • Using 80w LED Driver

    posted by vetch1297

    Description of the product is accurate. Got the same current and voltage readings as posted. Does not heat much only warm for a few hour of use.
    Hope DX could address the cons. Overall- I'm Happy...
    Good product except for the cons.Description of the product is accurate. Got the same current and voltage readings as posted. Does not heat much only warm for a few hour of use.You have to solder the AC line input yourself.It is quite difficult to mount since there are no holes for screws. It took dx a week longer to ship compared to other sellers.Hope DX could address the cons. Overall- I'm Happy...
  • very good driver

    posted by LeatherfaceNL

    its a very good LED driver.
    bought 3 but only needed 2 but later had to replace an older one that died (other brand and quality and more expensive)
    these run longer than the original expensive ones.
    and its even running 32 x 1w powerleds.
    it was a lil gamble because it says 21-30 leds but seems to work out perfect.
    its easy to install and connect.no extra work needed.
    shes running nice n smooth already a long time.
    its not running hot,the 32 leds burn just as bright as the 30 on the other one(at least i dont see the diffrence)
    one word GOOD stuff
    wish i bought more because all my original expensve ones are dieing.
    i need another one like this.
    great driver! if your planning to power up some 1w/300-350mA powerleds.(in between 21-30 ofcourse).. its a must have
  • OK

    posted by vi0oss

    Able to limit current unlike most of other cheap voltage converters;Indicator showing if current cap is being hitted;
    Good combo with http://www.dx.com/p/0-28-led-red-dual-display-3-digital-current-voltage-meter-ampere-voltage-meter-black-10a-238365
    Nice product for charging batteries or experimenting with things without worrying of short circuit.Now charging a lamp using this without even removing batteris from it. Even if I accidently turn on the lamp, it won't immediately burn LEDs due to current limit.

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