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These cool connectors set are high quality and at affordable prices. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.

connectors set Customers Reviews

  • Fine XLR plugs

    posted by dasft

    Looks good. All parts fits well. Sufficient strain relief on usual mic cable. Favorable price quality balance. Similar kind of XLR connector can be found on medium quality microphone cable in the shop. Buy good mic cable at the metre and make your own XLR cables. The only thing you need is some soldering practice.
    May not be real heavy use pro level. But if you don't own a multi-million studio you probably don't bother :)
    Super duper for home-recording and amateur use.
  • Review

    posted by rudy93

    Good quality for this price! I think they are exactly the same as DAP XLR plugs.Fast shipment under 3 weeks to Europe
    No, Quality can always better
    Great product for this price! I recommend it!Buy it if you want to use it for none proffesional work. They are less solid than Neutrik plugs. But they cost almost 10 times more. I'm using them to control my DMX lamps in partys. I have already used them in 3 partys now en they work the same as other ones.Only a bit pity of the big scratch
  • Muy buenos conectores

    posted by lvlolo

    Excelente relación precio calidad. No son como Amphenol o Neutrik pero son superiores al estándar que se consiguen en los comercios. Son de metal y tiene un espesor considerable, se puede apreciar el peso del mismo. Buena terminación, sin rebarbas. Como si también los terminales se ven robustos, uno puede darle un poco de más de calor al soldarlos que no pasa nada. No se mueve, calzan con facilidad pero no tienen juego con el otro conector, tanto la pareja hembra que viene como así en micrófonos y consolas.
    Otro detalle es que poseen prensa cable.
    Muy buena compra.
  • Very useful adapters

    posted by anton666666

    I have always had problems with the connection of different laptop models, on the purchase of these adapters have been a relief for me.Very pleased with the presence of rubber supports for mounting adapters and they are not the will of anywhere.
    The set is almost all the dimensions, well, maybe except for laptops DELL.
    Overall happy with the purchase, needing advise to buy, the price is acceptable.
  • best plugs on DX

    posted by Renceww3

    i have never got a shipment so fast!nicely packed noting to fancy.the protective caps are of a nice material, and can stretch a little, nice for fitting.shielded Cat5e perfect for on my cat6 ftp cable, the difference between true cat6 is not noticeable in speed.
    if you might need it one day buy it, i will buy the 40 pack next timeeven if you don't need shielded plugs you cant do wrong with these
    best plugs, for a bargain pricei can't see why i would ever buy it in a local store.

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