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On this page, you can find a wide selection of connector 10. Up to 50%! China's leading online retailer -- DX. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

connector 10 Customers Reviews

  • very usefull adaptor to prevent resouldering plugs

    posted by maiki12

    Hassle free adaptor to be used when you have tamiya plug escs and deans plug batteriesUsefull to prevent resouldering plugs. Thus preventing it from possible mistake on souldering.Great for those who dont know how to soulderUsefull in a situation where your esc is tamiya plug. And you want to borrow battery but his battery is drans plug. You can use this adaptor
    Try making plug adaptors that are directly connected example. Tamiya plug then a very short cable then deans so there wont be dangling cables that might hit and rotating part inside the rc
    Must have atleast one.
  • JL0056 6.36mm Audio Jack Connector - Silver (10-Piece)

    posted by thegianny

    - The connectors feel solid in the hand - A bit of plastic tube inside the connector is provided in order to prevent the spring from short-circuiting the contacts to the housing - The finish, to me at least, looks very nice - At about 50 cents each, these are a great value
    Locally I see plastic connectors in shops for $2.50-3.50 each so this is much, much cheaper if you are willing to wait for shipping
    As good as you'll see in most shops and for an excellent price. 20 is a bit much though, but at least you won't have to buy them again for a while...
  • Excellent quality USB connectors.

    posted by talosds

    * Well-built USB A male connectors for DIY projects and professional use.* Unbeatable price. You won't probably find it cheaper anywhere else.
    A good deal for the buck!
    Useful to have if you design and build USB device gadgets which are to be built as USB dongles. I like these over their PTH counterparts.
  • Great connectors at a great price

    posted by chipset31

    The connectors feel very solidA piece of clear heatshrink rubing on the inside keeps the contacts from shorting to the housingThe finish looks very nicegreat value, much cheaper than any store
    Soldering enameled audio wire is hard, don't try to burn of scrape off the enamel, use acetone to get it off.Remember to make sure nothing shorts when you solder and to make sure you have proper strain relief
    Great looks, good quality, great price
  • Super purchase

    posted by kozakpro

    good workmanship. Bought for installation of CCTV 8CH DVR Standalone H.264 Net DVR Security System Mobile view VGA/Le08. Pay for 2 pieces and sent 2 packs (20 pcs.) Excellent workmanship connectors, I think that will be a very long time used in the process
    Thought that pays for 1 piece and DX sent a pack- BNC Male to RCA Female connector adapter- For connecting a Female BNC connector to an RCA Male Jack- Allow you to connect a standard RCA cable to the BNC Video Input on a TV or Monitor- Special for connecting cable used with security cameras, quad processors, multiplexers, DVR cards and other CCTV applications- 10-Pack
    Super purchase. Look carefully as you need pieces

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