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If you want to purchase computer case fan, this is your best place to buy it. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.

computer case fan Customers Reviews

  • Excellent and effective filter.

    posted by williansugitani

    Easy to install, effective protection from dust and undesirable residues, nice finishing, simple design, imperceptible on dark colors fans, very thin and lightwheight (16 grams). Very good quality. It's able to use on both sides of the fan, fits perfectly.
    Original package, unopened, undamaged.
    I think it was an excellent purchase, because i don't have dust in my computer anymore. Effective filter.
  • default small noize cooler

    posted by symaslipknot

    standard design for easy installation in a PC and other devices, small, good quality. Wire standard colors. socket connection is standard, thus preventing confusion when connecting.
    I will try to order more. maybe next time the fan will not be noisy. if not connected to 12V, and 9 and lower, the beats almost inaudible.
    ordered as a replacement for an old fan to the southern maternal chipset motherboard desktop (nf560). can be ordered in small quantities
  • A nice fan for your pc

    posted by nandynho

    Vey nice rotation speed and air flow.Not too much noise.Do its job very well to a 8cm fanMy pc temperature has really improved with its use
    To its job very nice. Make a air flow at your case for a right price.I really needed a exhaust to my pc, and it did a very nice work.
    Bought with a 8cm transparent silicon and worked very well.almost no noise at all, with a air flow to my pc.
  • Holes match up

    posted by stosh

    Holes match up on my stock 70mm AMD CPU fan. Cheapest price that I found for this sized item. Feels well-built.
    Great product that feels like it's built well.
    Because my CPU fan has recessed screw holes meant for only one screw in each corner, I had to use little plastic filler things that fit in the already used screw holes. the filler things accept the screw needed to mount the grill. So, AMD stock CPU fans that come with the Athlon II X2 245 "Regor" don't work out of the box with these (or any screw mounted grills IMO)
    I would buy again for a different 70mm fan if I needed it.
  • Good Fan Grill

    posted by BRS83

    - Nice build on these.
    - Fit for a 80mm fan.
    - Does its job.
    - Works great for my project.
    - Nice Price I've seen these for more.
    Got a message from deal extreme saying these are steel and not aluminum. That's a plus. They are pretty sturdy and don't bend easily.
    They are steel as you can pick them up with a magnet.
    If you need to protect your fans from getting damaged, I would pick up some of these. Would work great for a replacement on the side window of your computer.

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