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component to component cable Customers Reviews

  • Usefull info.

    posted by KoJl6ACA

    Perfect build quality, all (RCA and HDMI) contacts looks very cool and strong.
    Please be caserull, when buying devices, read the information carefully, because for me now it's just a wire, i can't use it where i expect to do this, it's just a cable and if your device can't transform signal from Digital to Analog and push it through HDMI, this cable cant help you converters cost around 40$ more..But in general i'm happy that cable and package looks like rly cool and expencive device)
  • Not compatible with AppleTV

    posted by rolfje

    Good price/quality for a cable. Too bad it did not work as I expected but that's not a fault of the cable.
    Connecting your new AppleTV with an old stereo set through a component cable will not work. You can try a optical audio to RCA Jack converter but that lowers quality, and is a lot of hassle. I recommend getting an Airport Extreme. This has an audio out and can be streamed to from your iTunes or iPhone.
    I tried using this cable to connect the video/audio of my AppleTV to a TV and a stereo set. The AppleTV wouldn't let me. Do not buy this cable for your AppleTV, it will not work.
  • Good one for the length and price

    posted by uvnesh

    It is good for use for the price it is being sold.Picture quality: It is okSound quality: It is okUse: Simple to use the cable, the cable near hdmi port is flexible
    Personal experience: I use it to connect my small TV and laptop and also my MAC. For this use, it is quite practicalLonger cable would be preferable
    The length might allow you to make your choice.Good for general use
  • Not Component

    posted by Antwan

    It seems like it'll last for some time. Works effectively for what it does.
    Some video cards have the option of outputting component though the VGA port so this cable should work then. I'd suggest you only buy this if you're sure that your TV/Montior/Projector can input RGB signals (The cable colors are the same but the signal isn't)
  • Perfect!

    posted by santijuncos

    Works perfectly fine for what it's supposed to work. it's quite larger than it's supposed to be :)
    Te connectors are made of very good quality and also the wires are great!
    i'm using the cable for a dvd player and it displays a perfectly clear image. i totally reccomend that you buy it! the package arrived at home just a month from the date of my order, great!DealExtreme rules! every order I make, i'm more satisfied that ever, I will continue buying my stuff here!

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