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  • 480p. way to go.

    posted by AloneIBreak

    It works great! Now you can have you Wii connected to your HDTV at 480p wich improves the quality of you Wii.
    The same cabe by Nintendo costs 30Euros in Europe.
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    Buy it if you want to improve the graphics of your Wii. With this cable you can connect your Wii and have a 480P resolution wich improves the overall quality on your HDTV. Pretty good at a very low price.
  • Nice cable!

    posted by Hirorto

    -Very nice price for a cable.
    -Very good build and solid connectors.
    -The cable is flexible enough to be able to wind up the length.
    -In general it feels good and sturdy.a great cable for an even greater price!
    -Connectors: 3 Male RCA to 3 Male RCA
    - Gold Contacts for high performance
    - For use with home theaters, DSS receivers, S-Video VCRs, camcorders and DVD players
    but this if you dont have a choice to use a hdmi cable.its not a problem with this one either,but its just that with hdmi its all in 1 cable, no need for more.
    -In my place a cable like this costs us 30,00 (Phillips)
    -In DX is more cheap and we have very good quality!
  • Very good cables

    posted by stemoe

    Works just as well as original cables.
    Gives perfect picture.
    May utilize your TV inputs better, since most people are not using their Component TV input anyway, while the Composite is often used for other purposes.
    Even if there are two red plugs, this is usually not a problem, because most TVs have the same order of plugs as the order of the cables.
    These cables transfer an analogue signal, therefore, any difference in quality may give differences in the picture quality. But even if this should be a problem, the Wii does never send an HD signal. So even if you get a cable with less quality than mine, you would probably not see the difference anyway.
    Absolutely recommended.
  • It's good.

    posted by Future7187

    It's a good cable, looks solid and the best - it's pretty cheap for a combination between component and composite cable.
    I haven't tried the composite switch, I don't know if there's any issue with it, the component on the other hand works fine.
    I recommend this cable - it's cheap and works!
  • Good cable at low price

    posted by gontrand

    These cable are great,i can play with my psp on my hd tv and use the zoom function without getting distortion like it does with the av cable,cable are of good quality and the cable are of good lengths,the cable still even smell the material from the factory.....
    Fit perfectly in the pspgo and hold tigh in it..
    If you have a pspgo and a progressive capable tv get those cable,they are at good price and are of the same quality from a similar one that you could buy for 30$ in a well know store.

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