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component cable component Customers Reviews

  • Improves Picture Quality

    posted by AJD23

    I knew I had to purchase the component cables for my Wii, as I already have some for my PS3 and 360. Although not that much of a huge difference in resolution (Wii = 480p, PS3/360 = up to 1080p), it still definitely imporve the quality of your gaming. Picture becomes clearer/cleaner, text and edge are sharper, and colours seem more rich.
    If you are looking for a small upgrade in PQ at the small price of ~$5 go for it, you won't be disappointed. Everything is slightly improved and definitely noticeable.
  • It works

    posted by Whoyouwhoyou

    It works. At least works with my satellite box it does. I just connected it to my hdtv and what I want. Cannot tell much difference about video quality against standard av cable but I think it has something to do with satellite box. Hooked the red and white cables into my stereo, and sound comes through TV
    Why it cost more than 10 bulks and some Wii component cables are cheaper.
    It works, not a bad cable at all.
  • Very good cables

    posted by stemoe

    Works just as well as original cables.
    Gives perfect picture.
    May utilize your TV inputs better, since most people are not using their Component TV input anyway, while the Composite is often used for other purposes.
    Even if there are two red plugs, this is usually not a problem, because most TVs have the same order of plugs as the order of the cables.
    These cables transfer an analogue signal, therefore, any difference in quality may give differences in the picture quality. But even if this should be a problem, the Wii does never send an HD signal. So even if you get a cable with less quality than mine, you would probably not see the difference anyway.
    Absolutely recommended.
  • Not Component

    posted by Antwan

    It seems like it'll last for some time. Works effectively for what it does.
    Some video cards have the option of outputting component though the VGA port so this cable should work then. I'd suggest you only buy this if you're sure that your TV/Montior/Projector can input RGB signals (The cable colors are the same but the signal isn't)
  • Cable is OK

    posted by chubar

    The cable is perfect for everyday use. It seems strong enough to last for years. It just works! You can get them in any length you want. From very short 50 cm to quit long 3 meters.
    A flat cable would even be better because it does get scrambled. Of course this cable is only useful for some older equipment that still use tulip connexions.
    I would certainly buy the same cable again if I needed another one some time.

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