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component av cable

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component av cable Customers Reviews

  • Excellent alternative to the original one

    posted by pordefault

    This is a cheap cable compared to the "official" one. - The colouring on the cable ends make it easy to differentiate the video and audio connectors. i haven't seen much difference when compared to a simpler component cable, although it is slightly better then the original AV cable. The connectors are big and the rubber protecting the cable helps to preserve integrity.
    There are similar cables cheaper in dealextreme, I see no reason to choose this one, specially because it has only 1.8M.
    You can see the image difference on the console menu and some games, but it will note make any miracle. If you already have a complex connection (with sound devices, receivers, etc) using default cables, change to this cable will not worth the change.
  • Good cable at low price

    posted by gontrand

    These cable are great,i can play with my psp on my hd tv and use the zoom function without getting distortion like it does with the av cable,cable are of good quality and the cable are of good lengths,the cable still even smell the material from the factory.....
    Fit perfectly in the pspgo and hold tigh in it..
    If you have a pspgo and a progressive capable tv get those cable,they are at good price and are of the same quality from a similar one that you could buy for 30$ in a well know store.
  • Good product

    posted by DrewdQueue

    This product is solidly built, and a good length, I had no trouble connecting the Wii in one part of the A/V unit, up through to the TV.All connectors plug in snugly and fit well, not loosely as some cheap parts do. Video quality is good with no sign of loss or interference.
    It 'just works' at an excellent price. Buy this if you want your Wii to play in higher resolution.Recommended!
  • Great for parties and presentations on stores and game conventions

    posted by Rictos

    This is the must have to psp owners, since the psp is a portable plataform, there is that time when you are at home or at a friend's place, or even at a game convention, where you want to show off your skill or just to show a game to new people, that's when this cable comes in handy. The psp can be placed on a holder and this cable transfer the images to a bigger screen very nicely, some older games may get a pixelated view, but that doesn't ruin the experience. There is almost no delay on the image transfer, so even fighting games were timing is crucial are totally OK with this cable.
    Good for playing games and movies on a bigger screen
    Must have to PSP owners
  • Not bad for the money

    posted by ckdbomb

    Works just fine as a component cable for the Wii. Slightly better picture than the composite included with the Wii.
    Using a component cable for the Wii will not be much of a difference over composite or s-video, but it can't hurt.
    Even though the video quality improvement is small, I find it worth the cheap price.


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