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component av cable Customers Reviews

  • Works fine

    posted by LeoMascarenhas

    The cable works fine, the image in the TV is good and without problems. It has a great quality and seems stronger than the last one that I bought. One important thing is that the instalation is not a problem, it is very easy to install.
    The cable is very easy to install and don't have problems with the quality of the material.
    Seems like a good and resistant cable.
  • End of the age of noisy, blurry pictures!

    posted by rgb8973

    + Excellent price!
    + Superb quality cable
    + Gold plated RCAs
    + Very sharp picture
    + Can be used with SKU.10530 to achieve true VGA output
    I bought this to achieve a good picture with my projector, but this cable is a little short, so I should buy a cable extender or rather a wireless sensor bar. Otherwise the cable is working good, I had to adjust the sharpness to a lower level because the picture is a little 'edgy'.
    If you have a Wii and a big TV with component input then don't hesitate, just buy it!
  • Excellent alternative to the original one

    posted by pordefault

    This is a cheap cable compared to the "official" one. - The colouring on the cable ends make it easy to differentiate the video and audio connectors. i haven't seen much difference when compared to a simpler component cable, although it is slightly better then the original AV cable. The connectors are big and the rubber protecting the cable helps to preserve integrity.
    There are similar cables cheaper in dealextreme, I see no reason to choose this one, specially because it has only 1.8M.
    You can see the image difference on the console menu and some games, but it will note make any miracle. If you already have a complex connection (with sound devices, receivers, etc) using default cables, change to this cable will not worth the change.
  • I really recomend it

    posted by abrelatas9

    - Image quality improves a little bit (there is not a bis difference)
    - It is esasier connect it than people says. I'm not an expert and I hadn't problems at all to install it.
    - Cable and connectors have very good built quality, it seems very ressistant.
    - It's not the best item from dealextreme, you wii won't improve a los of its imagen quality, but it is enough, for this money, I will buy it again.
  • Does exactly what it says on the tin.

    posted by zerodgz

    A perfectly original quality component cable for the Wii. Performs exactly as advertised, so there isn't much to say about it. This cable sports new style silicone sheathing rather than old style vinyl sheathing. Connects securely and without issue or flakiness to both my component switch and my Wii.
    Note that the Wii is still a standard-definition-only console. Replacing your original composite cable with a component one will not magically make the Wii output in HD, but it will considerably increase picture quality and remove the infamous composite "dot crawl" artefacts, and in my case allow my Wii to work with my component-only video switch. For some reason, the Wii component cable has been "discontinued" in North America as of the time I bought this product from DX. Used component cables sell at local game shops for $40-$50, provided you can find one (they are very rare in store), which is totally absurd. There is no functional difference between this cable and a fabulously expensive "official" one.
    Cheap, flawless, works. Need it? Get it.

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