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  • Great Product!!

    posted by Munka

    Easy to use. Lots of online guides to help set up a tattoo gun. Guns appear to be good quality, needles work well. Plenty of ink.
    Good beginning tattoo set. Shipping wrong power cord is ridiculously foolish (computer cord vs ghettoblaster cord).
    Great product, GREAT shipping time (one week!!). YAY!
  • Good Product

    posted by isglens

    Good product, does its job. The red light is very good, you can see from far away. White light is acceptable, but it serves and helps to drive at night
    White light can be removed and Easily Used as a flashlight. It is easy to put on and take off. Ideal if you drop something on the bike. Excellent!
    If you want drive your bike at night and not spend money, this is the ideal product. Buy It
  • Here is how to use it.

    posted by Corail

    This is more a guide than a review, since the product lack some key elements in its instructions.The package is for 1(one) litre of water! Add the bag with the white crystals (salt). Heat to 26 degrees centigrade. Add the eggs. Place on windowsill, above heat source keep close to 26 degrees until they hatch, then you may lower the heat to 20 degrees. If you use chlorinated water you must wait 24 hours before adding the eggs, so the chlorine evaporates! Or simply buy a bottle of mineral water without CO2.Feed them the food, one knife edge per helping. The food bag should be enough for around 30 servings. If you need more food, just feed them freeze dried yeast.
    Deacent instructions.
    Easy to use and when used right, you get hundreds, if not thousands of Sea Monkeys. I have posted a video of my Sea Monkeys.
  • Fun

    posted by NWind

    - Really great price!- It really works- It's simple, fun and educative
    This set should be purchased if you had once one similar with a tank, because there's no water volume mentioned in instruction and if you pour too much water you monkeys could die or even not hatch due to low salt concentration.
    A perfect gift for a curious child and even adult. Better used as a replacement set than as a starting one.
  • Even harder!

    posted by DeadlyAlive

    Makes me use my brain more
    Ok, this is even harder than the 7 pieces i got !! even though some are alike but some are new to me and are harder! it comes with a cheat sheet but i prefer not to look at it :)
    Good brain toy! get one of u are bored!


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