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  • jaaphooi

    posted by jaaphooi

    it's a good scope for simple things for a quick measuring of some signals,you got a good overall view of all settings and it's very compact (my phone is bigger)
    Nice to have with you (in my case)It's a good tool to use in som situations to see if there are disruptions in a bus line or a circuit,it is fast enough to see that.
    Worth the moneyLook's good work's fine ,compact and good display batery time is also good and charge on usb (laptop).
  • Customer Satisfaction

    posted by Justintimeto

    My order just arrived! It was Complete, and all the components are operational, and I am extremely pleased and excited to begin a new and hopefully somewhat more lucrative path artistically. I can't wait to start stabbing people with needles!
    This kit in particular was a great value and seems like an excellent assortment of materials to get started.
    Expect to wait! Then expect to be completely satisfied by whatever cool gadget or great deal you just scored from DX on the cheap!
  • Great DIY starter

    posted by ModFaction

    - Finish quality is excellent
    - Pill will fit a 17mm driver, and 14mm led
    - Great for EDC
    Great host for making your own light. Simple and easy to assemble. Good finish on exterior. Using a XM-L will give you a very bright torch with good spill, not much of a thrower though.
    If your looking to build your first light, then this is great to start off with. Was able to fit a XM-L in it, has great flood, but the throw is lacking (make a great hand warmer). Fit a XP-G in it and it works perfect.
    Don't think, just get one, or two.
  • Great for parties or travelling

    posted by badmonk

    - Great for parties and keep your guests entertained for hours
    - Also excellent if you travel a lot -- it makes time flies faster
    - Different levels of difficulty
    - Comes in a nice packaging packaging
    - Good build quality
    I also purchased sku.4797, which have many duplicate puzzles. Build quality is the same, but packaging on this is much better, making it good to be given as a present.
    If you just need something to waste your time with (if you have not done these before) or if you're looking for activities to keep your guests occupied, get these. They can bring you hours and hours of fun.
  • Good.

    posted by Golfer666

    - Cheap price
    - Easy to use, for the most part.
    Good price, fun pet. . .

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