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  • 2 Gun tattoo kit

    posted by Vanish

    -price, cheap enough to buy if you just want to give it a try.
    -full kit, everything you need to get started
    Comes with 50 pre made sterelized tattoo needles exp date 2013:
    09m1*5 07m1*5 05m1*5
    09RS*5 07RS*5 05RS*10
    07RL*5 01RL*10
    (M1-Single Magnum, RS-Round Shader, RL-Round Liner.)
    1Shipping thought: I needed it shipped to The Netherlands, it arrived at customs on 12-07 but due to DX, not shipping parcels with an invoice, it took me 14 more days, and 28 euros tax and customs clearance to get it trough customs and delivered to me. Butt i think it's still worth it.(maybe you can ask dx to put an invoice on the outside of your parcel for quick customs clearance You'll still have to pay the vat and customs clearance but it might just knock a couple of days off delivery.)
    Good starterskit for people who just want to mess around and try to get some artwork out of these needles at a low price.
    Overall very pleased with purschase.
  • User

    posted by BayMarcko

    Conveniently also it is useful for work. Good choice of nozzles.I tried to cut these knifes, it very well turned out.I cut skin, polyfoam, thin plastic soft, I cut through small openings - very conveniently.
    additions aren't present.Sent it is possible to tell quickly, only at transfer damaged a box in which this remarkable tool is stored.
    I liked the tool. I recommend to buy.I didn't begin to photograph as the goods correspond to this image.thanks.
  • Top Quality

    posted by vsukwizard

    Quality is perfect!I'v looked and looked again and there is no fail.I'v put in a Q5 and now have my best flood tool.Quick list of the stuff I like.1. Paint is tough (good still after hip drop)2. Deep OP (onion peel) reflector is FANTISTIC! with shallow bezel makes for a great flood with the Q53. Solid rear clicky.4. The threads are amazing, smooth and solid5. Drilled hole for lanyard6. It feels good to hold.
    If you "tune" torches you will love this
    I'm a torch freek and this is up there with my Fenix TK10
  • Pretty gift, it can be used.

    posted by Tajso

    I bought it as chcristmas present for my girlfriend, didn't expected something much useful but I was surprised, because set contains same guns which are used by plenty of tattoo makers here. All set was been useful immediately after unpacking, everything worked. My girlfriend is happy from it, she used it many times, for create pretty things.
    I think, it's usefull thing for Tattoo starters. You can buy it - will be satisfied.
    Nothing to say
  • Great host, very versatile

    posted by chrisandhiace

    Great host...relatively small and lightweight...good price...everything you need except the led and driver.The reflector gives a good wide flood, but also projects very well.Its xr-e /mc-e sized...but an xp-g works well in it and it could be drilled out to accept P7
    To get the right spacing between led and reflector I use a ring of thick copper earth wire at the end of the pill thread...you can hammer the earth wire flat if required.For led-reflector isolator I use thin white ptfe sheet cut to size.You'll need thermal setting grease to fit led to pill...and non setting for threads at the head
    My favourite host performance wise.The reflector is well suited to XP-G emitter..though the hole is bigger than xp-g a white ptfe isolator helps reflect.With xp-g the beam is a very thick light sabre that goes a long, long way...as far as any p60 type but thicker.Obviously Q5 and R2 emitters fit...work well, but the XP-G is better.Dx don't sell xpg stars at time of writing..mine have 14mm carefully centred stars..but 20mm are available for a snugger fit...just not at dx yet.The reflector shape also gives a wide spread of flood.There's nothing to lose at this price and you can just keep updating the emitter as new ones become available


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