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  • Tactical replacement Shell

    posted by Gunther45

    Basically got this shell because Sku# 36357 has a male end cap. So cant find a pressure switch for it.
    Reflector is larger. Sku#36357 inners in this baby is BRUTAL!
    If you want to use this with the #36357's emitter and board, you have to drill the reflector to accommodate the larger LED. I didn't write down the sizes I just put the bit through the new reflector and set up the press and changed out the bit that fit through the old reflector. Ring fit old board perfectly.
    Other than the 5 mode #36357 short comings. This shell makes the #36357 Rock more than my LEO friend's Tactical lights and they spent way more money on theirs!!!!!!
    Some would say just get the emitter and driver board and use it with this , but I find it better to get the other light so I still have more spare parts.
  • Pretty gift, it can be used.

    posted by Tajso

    I bought it as chcristmas present for my girlfriend, didn't expected something much useful but I was surprised, because set contains same guns which are used by plenty of tattoo makers here. All set was been useful immediately after unpacking, everything worked. My girlfriend is happy from it, she used it many times, for create pretty things.
    I think, it's usefull thing for Tattoo starters. You can buy it - will be satisfied.
    Nothing to say
  • love it

    posted by ptorres82

    This is just perfect. A must get tattoo kit that comes with everything you need to start tatting away right away. A lot of colors are included, even needles and practice skin. If you dont know how to tattoo, learn first before poking yourself or others.
    I wish it came with two black tattoo inks, that's the first to go with me. The tattoo guns are of good quality and the power supply. The carrying case is real sturdy and looks real professional. 2 thumbs up ! !
    Get this for your first or even second tattoo kit. Comes with a disk you pop in your computer and you can print up some tattoo designs for practice on transfer paper.
  • Exellent item

    posted by kolomser

    I liked it. Good body. Corresponds to the published specifications.I liked it. Good body. Corresponds to the published specifications.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
    I liked it. Good body. Corresponds to the published specifications.I liked it. Good body. Corresponds to the published specifications.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I liked it. Good body. Corresponds to the published specifications.I liked it. Good body. Corresponds to the published specifications.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great DYI kit

    posted by gearhounds

    Very nice kit, tightly machined threads with no sloppy looseness, clean even finish, all O-rings included. Threads are bright and free of anodizing where necessary for maximum electrical conduction. Truly only need a driver and emitter to get going. Great mass for heat sinking. Basically an Aurora V6 (sku 12346) which only comes with a P4 emitter. No lettering which makes this light look really sharp.
    The pill is set up to accomodate a 14mm emitter and a 16mm driver. I assembled mine with sku 1885 emitter which required some dremel work on the brass fit ring and Q5 emitter sku 11023 which was a direct fit. The result is an excellent thrower considering it is a straight walled pocket light running off just a 18650 battery.
    A great bargain on a well made set of parts and worth the investment. A fun project for beginners and pros alike. An added OP reflector would really round out this kit. Now if DX could only set up a DIY kit for sku 12343 I would be set.

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