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  • It works

    posted by turansk

    Interesting toll. Good to take out as a backup and tie it forexample to your watterbottle. I like how it is organized, bright light can iluminate the map and compas at once, so you can easy read map with magnifier and you still have one hand free.
    The two way compas reading is great. What Im missing is possibility to calibrate the hygro and thermo parts.
    Nice compakt thing. I bought 2 pcs to compare values and both of them show roughly the same. I keep one and the other one ends as a gift. This thing is definitly great gift for outdoorfuns.
  • Great product

    posted by jestpaDX

    In small item you have many different tools (as you can read in description). Compass is accurate (be carful not to use it near some metal item), also thermometer is accurate (I test it in 22,5? and in 3?), magnifier could be used for starting fire, mirror and whistle are very useful for getting attention of rescue team. In small mirror you can see your face if you need it in case of some injury. Inside is small “pantry”.
    Mirror is very small and it is inside plastic tube, so it is difficult to use it for getting attention of rescue team. With Magnifier can't help much for magnifying, unless you have dioptre and you are left without your glasses. Whistle could be louder and spend less breath for maximum loudness, specially in case of chest injury.
    “Pantry” could be waterproof.
    Good product with useful combination of tools, for low price.
  • great choice

    posted by dkantoci

    really big fire starter, length of the rope is sufficient, useful but not so loud whistle, good compas and the saw. makes a lot of sparkle, usually lights a fire on the first go
    buy :)
    great prize and you will get what you ordered. product is worth the money, it can really help you a lot, excellent choice for campers as survival kit.. in the shops where I live this things cost five times more.
  • cool gadget bro

    posted by impstar

    cheap, comes with batteries, many gadgets in one small package. everything works really good right outta the box. good camping tool. plastic is firm and tough.
    not much.
    very very useful camping tool. well worth the price. good present for eagle scout cousins and people who like to go camping/ hiking.
  • cute

    posted by Chiarossi

    is a nice object, a beautiful strong purple color. the whistle emits a beautiful sound and the light is blue light, while the compass is tiny and black. a small gift that fits quite at low price ....
    Gift is a cute but not excellent to do with friends or just want to keep for himself and used in the montage or camping trips
    In conclusion we can say that is not very good ... I expected better ... but for the price that that's OK ... Gift is a cute but not excellent.


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