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compass watch Customers Reviews

  • Little Robot Compass Man

    posted by JanineB19

    This necklace is very cute- he can stand up if you place him on a table
    The size of the robot is about 2 inchesThe chain that the robot is on is very long, maybe would hang down almost a foot from your neck
    Very awesome to get just to get the little man yet i would suggest changing out the chain
  • nice watch

    posted by adokiki

    this is what I actually bargained for and am so happy I got It.light weight, excellent design, very good display. droped It in water for one hour and its still woking fine. It was easy to set the watch even without the manual. I will still buy this watch again.
    the red colour design at the top of the watch makes the watch very beautiful but a green design at the top will be very beautiful.
    excellent watch.
  • It doesn't suit all tastes

    posted by aquiestoyyo2

    Pros:+ It's different.+ It works well (till now)
    * Just received the watchstrap is too hard but after a week it's ok.* The tick-tock is audible. This could be a con or a pro.
    * If you like it, buy it because it works well and leaves no one indifferent.* If your wrist is small, you will find uncomfortable.
  • excellent compass

    posted by Dencheg24rus

    perfectly I approached by o'clock casio G-shock. on a hand them you don't feel. on a thong don't slide. the disk of a compass turns quickly enough. it isn't obligatory to hold it ideally parallel to the earth. at a disk is ???? at pomoshchikotory it turns even at an inclination.
    with purchase it is happy. for such price of analogs isn't present. I will surely order them once again to present to friends. I show to friends and they ask me to order at once to them the same compass =)
    buy without deliberating.
  • Now that's a watch, and more.

    posted by stevegek

    If you want to draw attention, even a 200 mw laser won't give you as much attention as this watch! It's big, it's huge, it looks super decent and it looks interesting to anyone!Time is displayed in 2 watches, one for the minutes and one for the hours. This can also be used for different time zones if you travel a lot. Or if you know your traveling time to work is 40 min, set one clock 40 min ahead and you can see what time you'd arrive at work if you left that second.It looks great and feels quite solid. But the biggest pro's:The compass WORKS. Sure you have to make sure your watch is horizontal, shake a bit, vibrate it a bit, but in the end it's quite accurate! Not 100% but it's usable.The thermometer works too!!!! So far so good, not sure how precise it is, but it did confirm it was freezing outside, just like my skin confirmed that.
    Add a led light and laser? None really!
    It's cool, it's cheap, it's decent and it WORKS. One of my coolest watches!

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