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compass thermometer Customers Reviews

  • Decent and small thermometer and compass

    posted by Tesket

    CompasThermometer in both F and CTinyPretty solidKeychain
    Very small, put in a keychain to carry everywhere.I bought mine for the thermometer when traveling - but the compass is only a bonus as WHEN you need a compass - you always have none.. Now you can have :-)
    If you need a small compass and thermometer for hobby use, then it should be fine :)
  • Nice item

    posted by Fredim

    This is a VERY useful item for anyone that enjoys outdoor activities. It has an altimeter, a barometer, a thermometer (Celsius and Fahrenheit), a clock, a calendar, a bubble level, a compass and a weather forecast icon. All in one! All these features work quite well and the altimeter, barometer and compass have a pretty good resolution.
    To calibrate the compass:
    Enter the compass mode and hold the "compass" button for 3 seconds (the word "cal" will appear on the display). Put the device on a flat surface that is parallel to the ground (use the bubble level to verify this) and turn it around one complete revolution of 360 degrees. Press the "compass" button again and the compass should now be calibrated.
    Packed with very useful features, a must have for anyone that enjoys outdoor activities.
  • It Feels (And Is) Cheap

    posted by coffeejunky

    -Its good value.-Its a nice idea to combine a compass with a thermometer.-The keyring feels quite strong for a cheap product-There is an adjustable dial around the compass for setting a bearing.
    At this price its worth it for its novely value, but don't expect it to be very useful.
  • Nice little keychain gadget

    posted by munkala

    Fluid filled compass is accurate. The thermometer is a nice little feature even though it only gives you a rough temperature range.
    There is a little magnifying lens. But can such a small lens start a fire or fry some ants?
    Lord, please forgive me for all those ants I sizzled to a crisp when I was only a child. All living creatures have a soul and desire to live. Have compassion and become vegetarian!
    Carry this with you at all times. You never know when you may get stuck in a whiteout blizzard and must hike your way to the nearest civilization. Then you may end up featured in the "I shouln't be alive " TV program.
  • Surprisingly good

    posted by T3Knical

    - The compass it fairly accurate and quick to respond- Nice clean clear display- The clear plastic acts as a decent magnifier glass- Thermometer seems fairly accurate and it IS legible, just small- Decent materials
    Better than the clear plastic on sold here also.
    Buy it!


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