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  • Compass Review / Observations

    posted by pyro1234321

    Got this compass today (July 26, 2010)
    - DX pictures match product exacly
    - Case is fake leather with decent foam inside.
    - Paint is textured and all hinges are firm.
    - Mirror is glass.
    - Declination adjust works the same as a Brunton, comes with small flat screwdriver but needs to be filed to fit screw.
    - Needle locks when case closed (pushes up against main glass).
    - The circular and long levels seem decently accurate, but are simply assembled/glued , probably not fine calibrated, but do serve their purpose and do match a good quality 2' carpenters' level.
    - Unlike the original, there IS a place on the hinge to put a lanyard (thin string, small holes).
    - I am at 47.5 degrees latitude in the northern hemisphere an the needle was NOT balanced and the north end of the needle was skewed up and close to the main glass and rattled with the slightest movement. The south needle should have been raised if it was just a simple latitude balance issue, but the stock balance is poor but easiy to fix.
    - This compass is easy to take apart. There is a slot on the main face to pry off a plastic o-ring that sandwiches the main glass between another plastic o-ring which gives access to the needle and internals. The needle can be lifted off the axel and the copper wire wrapped around the needle can be shifted up and down to perfectly balance the needle for your latitude.
    - a very small amount of petroleum jelly on the bearing gives just enough friction to control the needle without affecting accuracy.
    - Overall a decent price for an Ok copy if you undestand how it works.

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